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Peer Reviewed Publications

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Peer Reviewed Publications and Other Research Outputs. 
Type Reference Year Status
Book Chapter Personnel Management in Ireland in, editor(s)Department of Industrial Relations , Industrial Relations in Ireland, Dublin, University College Dublin, 1986, pp82-90 , [Mary A. Keating] 1986 PUBLISHED
Book Chapter Participation in Decision-Making in the Organisation of Weekend Bus Services in, editor(s)European Foundation for the Improvement ? , Commuter Transport : Experiences in Participation in Ireland, Dublin, 1986, pp57-77 , [Mary A. Keating] 1986 PUBLISHED
Book Chapter An Investigation Of The Effects Of Ergonomic Principles On Flowline Productivity in, Contemporary Ergonomics, Taylor And Francis, 1986, pp73-77 , [M. Louis Brennan, E.F.Fallon and T.J.Gallwey] 1986 PUBLISHED
Conference Paper Louis Brennan, Some Aspects Of Robot Diffusion In A Small Economy, Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on Industrial Robots/8th International Conference On Industrial Robot Technology, Brussels, Sept./Oct. 1986, 1986, pp1027-1036 1986 PUBLISHED
Conference Paper Louis Brennan and B.J. Davies, The Application Of Simulation Modeling To The Evaluation Of Short-Time Working In A Job-Shop Environment, Proceedings of the 1986 SCS Summer Simulation Conference, Reno, July, 1986, pp711 - 717 1986 PUBLISHED
Conference Paper Louis Brennan, E. Fallon, M.E.J. O'Kelly and T. Gallwey, Simulation Modeling As A Tool In Ergonomics, Proceedings Irish Manufacturing Committee Conference, September, 1986, pp672 - 692 1986 PUBLISHED
Conference Paper Louis Brennan, E. Fallon, M.E.J. O'Kelly and T. Gallwey, Simulation Modeling As A Tool In Human Factors Engineering, Proceedings 1986 SCS Summer Simulation Conference, Reno, Jul-86, 1986, pp689 - 695 1986 PUBLISHED
Journal Article J. Stewart, Fiscal Incentives and Corporate Financing: A Flow of Funds Analysis 1964-1982, Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland, XXV1, (111), 1986 1986 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Barry, F., Fiscal Policy in a Small Open Economy with Unemployment and Capital Accumulation, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 87, (3), 1986, p474 - 486 1986 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Barry F., Profitability, Investment and Employment: A Survey of Recent Developments in Medium-Term Growth Theory, Economic and Social Review, 17, (3), 1986, p159 - 174 1986 PUBLISHED
Journal Article Mary A. Keating, Participation in the Organisation of Week-end Bus Services, Journal of Irish Business and Administrative Research, (1), 1986, p57-68 1986 PUBLISHED
Journal Article M. Louis Brennan, P. Claffey, J. Dineen and M.E.J. O'Kelly, Manpower Requirements Of The Electronic Sub-assembly Test Process, International Journal Of Manpower, 7, (4), 1986, p2 - 6 1986 PUBLISHED