Programme Overview



September & October 2023 

Format  In person
Duration 4 days
Schedule  9am - 5pm

21 & 22 September

12 & 13 October

Tuition Fees Certificate for Completion Route (CC) €1850


Who is this programme designed for?

This programme is designed for Sustainability and CSR managers, Community Affairs Directors, Corporate Affairs Directors as well as managers across diverse functions – including finance, accounting, legal and compliance, procurement, human resources and external affairs. These professionals will advance their competencies through an in-depth focus on the evolving Business & Human Rights standards and protocols and how these may be embedded into the strategy and operations of firms and industries. 

What does the programme offer to participants?

Delivered in person over 4 full days, participants learn how to influence, design and implement strategies that will bring their organisations into alignment with the emerging body of compliance and regulatory frameworks with respect to Human Rights and Business.

Participants will learn about the key frameworks and actions required to integrate UN Guiding Principles, strategies, governance, and operations for human rights into their own business organizations through in-person seminars, independent reading and research, online content and exercises, and project assignments.


Increasingly, there is an international focus on organisations to ensure that they mitigate / avoid human rights abuses as they execute and implement business strategies and grow and scale their operations.  This is a significant challenge as globalisation has meant increased interdependency between economies and the internationalisation of supply chains. As a result, organisations from across a wide range of industries are under significant pressure to show that their global supply chains and operations do not infringe human rights.

The programme takes a “tool box” approach in equipping participants to navigate this increasingly important area and bring their operations into compliance with legal and / or stakeholder led Human Rights & Business standards.

The modules will Introduce students to the history and principles of human rights and its relevance to business practice and provide participants with the knowledge and skills to engage with stakeholders to embed business & human rights (BHR) principles and practices in their firm’s strategy, communications and operations.

Programme Director: Mary-Lee Rhodes 

Lecturer: Benn Hogan

Why undertake the programme for credits?

Micro-credentials are short flexible modules that lead to accreditation in the form of ECTS. For further general information about micro-credentials please click here.


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