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Dr Sinead Roden

Associate Professor in Logistics

Room 415
01 896 4980

Dr. Sinéad Roden is an Associate Professor in Logistics and Supply Management at Trinity Business School. Prior to joining Trinity, Sinéad was a Senior Lecturer at Cass Business School in London and a Lecturer at the University of Bath. She holds a Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management from Queen's University Belfast.

Sinéad has two main research streams. First, the study of strategic inter-organisational relationships. Specifically she is interested in the governance and development of strategic buyer-supplier relationships, the role of environmental factors, and development of supplier innovation.

The second stream of research coalesces around the area of risk management and supplier crises, specifically the mitigation of supply chain risk and the role of managerial decision making in relation to supply chain risk.

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Sinéad's research has been published in a broad range of journals including Journal of Operations Management, International Journal of Operations & Production Management, International Journal of Production Economics, and R&D Management. Sinéad's Doctoral Research received a highly commended award from the European Foundation for Management Development (2010) and she was a Highly Commended Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence (2012). Sinéad has been involved in the delivery of a range of modules at undergraduate, masters, MBA, and Executive levels.

  • Supply chain risk management
  • Behavioural theory and inter-organisational relationships in supply chain management
  • Managerial cognition and supply chain management


  1. Governing embedded partner networks
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    Read here.
  2. Big data and the transformation of operations models: a framework and a new research agenda
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    Read here.
  3. A dyadic perspective on retailer-supplier relationships through the lens of social capital,
    Son, B.-G., Kocabasoglu-Hillmer, C., Roden, S., (2016), International Journal of Production Economics, 178, 2016, p120-131
    Read here.
  4. How smart cities transform operations models: a new research agenda for operations management in the digital economy
    Feng Li, Alberto Nucciarelli, Sinead Roden, Gary Graham (2016), Production Planning & Control, 27, (6), p514 - 528
    Read here.
  5. Developing Social Capital in Buyer-Supplier Relationships: The Contingent Effect of Relationship-Specific Adaptations
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    Read here.
  6. Appropriating the Value from Innovation: Inimitability and the Effectiveness of Isolating Mechanisms
    Lawson, B; Samson, D and Roden, S.,(2012), R&D Management,42, (5), 2012, p420
    Read here.
  7. The innovation game: lessons in strategy and managing operations
    Baris Yalabik, Mickey Howard, and Sinéad Roden (2012), Int Jrnl of Op & Prod Mnagemnt 32, (12), 2012, p1441--1459
    Read here.
  8. Governance and social capital formation in buyer-supplier relationships
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    Read here.
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    Read here.
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    Read here.

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  • BU7008 Operations Strategy (MBA)
  • BU7708 Global Procurement (PG)
  • BUU44680 Global Supply Chain Management (UG)