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Richard Keegan

Richard is a specialist in the areas of lean/world class business and benchmarking with Enterprise Ireland. He advises major companies in Europe. Working with Toyota he has led best practice missions for over 1,000 managers to the Deeside plant, as well as leading a mission by An Taoiseach to Toyota Japan. He acts as the European advisor to the World Class Activities of the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Co-Operation.

Richard’s concept of integrating benchmarking and lean/best practice concepts has been adopted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) as a means of helping sub-Saharan African and companies in the developing world to improve their operational effectiveness and competitiveness. 

Richard’s most recent publication, Lean Service (2015) is co-authored with Eddie O’Kelly, Prof Emeritus, NUI Galway. He is a visiting associate professor at University of Northern Iowa. He has worked previously for DAF Trucks, Nokia , Nestle, Timmoney  and the ESB. He teaches operations Strategy at undergraduate and at MBA level in the School.