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Victor Acinas

International Business – An investigation of the factors that shape inter-organisational collaboration in international research and innovation.

Louis Brennan

Mary Rose Byrne

International Business - An investigation into the factors that lead to the successful upgrading of micro and small enterprises in the garment industry in Vietnam and in Cambodia.

Guilio Buciuni & Mary Lee Rhodes
Declan Cahill

Strategic Human Resource Management - measuring performance in faith-based organisations.

Gemma Donnelly-Cox
Laura Cassin Strategic Management - The impact of collaboration on return on innovation investment for SMEs.

Padraic Regan

Supun Chandrasena


International Finance - a study on the role of national culture in financial decision-making across countries.

Ranadeva Jayasekera
Aisling Curley

Industry Evolution & Digital Technology – A study of the impact of Digital Technology on evolving industry structure.

Jim Quinn

Conor Dowling


 Engineering and Management - An integrated approach to critical infrastructure, systems sustainability and resilience enhancement.

Mary Lee Rhodes

Cillian Doyle

Finance - An analysis of the effectiveness of Section 110 (TCA 1997) and the IFSC.

James Stewart

Davin Dunlea

Strategy and Change - Overcoming impediments to strategy implementation: A middle management perspective.

Joe McDonagh
Conor Foley

Digital Business Models - An investigation into how start-up companies achive netweork effects on multi-sided platforms.

Laurent Muzellec


 Allison Hearne


International Business / Development – Wages in Ireland up to 1973: An analysis of the relative wage levels in indigenous and foreign firms.

Frank Barry

James Holohan

Strategy & Information Systems. – An exploration of how the practices engaged in by IS managers help shape the alignment of business and IS strategies in public service organisations.

Joe McDonagh

Jennifer Hynes


 Organisational Behaviour - Employee well-being under a heavy work invested manager.

Sarah-Jane Cullinane

Claire Kearney

International Finance - An investigation into the behaviour of equity and sovereign bond markets and their linkage through time.

Brian Lucey

Siobhan Killion

 Strategy & Entrepreneurship – An investigation into the long-term sustainability of Irish Family Business's.

James Quinn

Sile Li

International Finance – The role of precious metals as safe havens and as “flight to safety” assets.

Brian Lucey

Benjamin Lynch

International Finance - An examination of the relationship between a firm's cost of capital, environmental performance and environmental disclosure.

Martha O'Hagan Luff

Patricia Maher

New Product Development – Integrity of the function form interface: design for aesthetics.

Paul Coughlan

Munawar Malik

Labour and Technology - An ethnographic study of digital bohemia in Dublin.

Sheila Cannon

Thomas Martin

 International Finance – An investigation into changing patterns of firm level multi-nationality.

Jenny Berrill

Siobhan McQuaid-Cullen

Public management - Defining and measuring the impact of local authority policies and programmes aimed at stimulating nature-based innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mary Lee Rhodes

Edwin O'Hora

Strategy and Change - The relationship between change management history in organizations and the strategic commitment of its middle management population.

Joe McDonagh

Eamonn O'Raghallaigh

Digital Marketing & Consumer Behaviour - Effects of exposure to online advertisements on consumer attitutdes, behaviour and brand perceptions.

Laurent Muzellec

Oliver Emmet

Business History and Economic Policy - Company-Level History of the Evolution of Irish Services Sector 1922 to 1958.

Frank Barry

Eva Perez

Education and Learning - Towards a framework for the application of social media as a learning tool within higher education: A study of the academics' adoption challenges.

Mairead Brady

Steve Pitman

Organization Behaviour - An exploration of the relationship between patient treatment engagement and its influence on patient clinical & subjective care outcomes.

Martin Fellenz

Mikhail Shengeliya

Labour Economics & Foreign Direct Investment – An exploration of the link between labour market flexibility and FDI attractiveness.

Louis Brennan

Soren Sinz

Strategy & Information Systems - Tracing the co-evolution of business and IS strategies over time: a dialogical enquiry into the process of change.

Joe McDonagh

Natalie Walsh

Entrepreneurship - An exploration of the role identity of entrepreneurial academics in Irish Higher Education Institutes.

Paul Ryan

Sun Ziaolu


International Business / Development - An exploration of measures of revealed comparative advantage (for Ireland) that correct for the import content of exports.

Frank Barry

Robert Zerjal

International Business / Development – An exploration of the macro / structural effects of Multinational Corporations' activities on developing countries.

Frank Barry

Marjan Zhaf

International Finance - Gold and Silver as indicators of inflation or deflation.

Brian Lucey

Danielle Byrne

Social Entrepreneurship - Social entrepreneurship in Irish state-funded third sector organizations: An examination of the nature of social entrepreneurship at the nexus of state, market and third sectors.

Gemma Donnelly-Cox