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Dr. Natasha Evers, PhD., MEcon.Sc., DBS., BA

Associate Professor in International Business and Strategy

Room 212, Trinity Business School

Natasha Evers is Associate Professor in International Business and Strategy at Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin. She received her Ph.D and M.Econ.Sc degrees from University College Dublin Natasha is Programme Director of Trinity Business School's MSc. in Management.

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Natasha's main research lies in the field of International marketing and growth strategies of SMEs across diverse industry sectors, wherein she focuses on a variety of topics at the intersection of strategy, international marketing and firm growth. Her sectors of interest include: Digital products and services; Life science technologies; Creative Industries and Marine Food and Services. She has published widely in several prestigious journals across such as: Journal of World Business; International Marketing Review, International Business Review; Management International Review; Entrepreneurship and Regional Development; Journal of International Marketing; European Business Review; Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship,. She has also co-authored her 2nd edition of international book entitled: Technology Entrepreneurship - Bringing Innovation to the Marketplace (2021)Macmillan.London, UK. She has further co-guest edited a number of Journal Special Issues. Natasha holds the appointment of Visiting Professor of International Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of Halmstad, Sweden and is also Visiting Scholar in the Marketing Innovation, strategy & International Business Group at Molde University, Norway. She is Faculty Fellow of McGill University, Montreal Canada.

As part of her visiting appointment at Halmstad University, Sweden and collaboration with Aalborg University, Natasha has been allocated funding under the European Marie Curie research project on Legitimation of Newness And Its Impact On Eu Agenda For Change (LNETN). Natasha has been invited to deliver guest seminars on her research at universities across Europe and by the European Commission. She has presented as well as track chaired at international conferences and research workshops and also Chaired the 21st McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference (2017). Natasha is a member of the Editorial Boards of 'Entrepreneurship and Regional Development - An international Journal'.

  • International Marketing Strategy and growth of SMEs
  • Digital scaling in new venture and SME internationalisation
  • Strategy and Networks


1. Predictive and effectual decision-making in high-tech international new ventures: A matter of sequential ambidexterity.
Evers, N. and S. Andersson (2021), International Business Review, 30 (1),

2. Trade shows and SME internationalisation: Networking for performance.
Gershewski, S., Evers, N., Nguyen, A. Froese, F., (2020). Management International Review,60, p573 - 595

3. Local horizontal network membership for accelerated global market reach.
Ryan, P., Evers, N., Smith, A. and S. Andersson (2019). International Marketing Review, 36 pp. 6-30.

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1. Evers, N., Cunningham, J. and T. Hoholm (2021). Technology Entrepreneurship: Bringing Innovation to the Marketplace. MacMillian International Publishing. London. 2nd Ed.

2. Etemad, H., Evers, N., Kock, S. (Eds). (2022). Entrepreneurial Internationalization in an increasingly Digitized and Networked World Economy, Edward Elgar Publishing, UK.

3. Ojalo, A., Evers, N. and C. Sousa (2022). Digitalization, Digital Services, and Companies’ Internationalisation Firms’ Internationalization: A Literature Review. In Khare, Ojala, Baber (eds). Sustainable International Business Models in a digitally transforming world Springer.

4. MacCaothail, B., N. Evers., and G. Gliga (2022). Digital Business Model Internationalisation: Cases of Born Global Digital Companies. In Etemad, H., Evers, N., Kock, S. (Eds). Entrepreneurial Internationalization in an increasingly Digitized and Networked World Economy, Edward Elgar Publishing, UK

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  • Strategy Management Theory and Practice research (BUU44501)
  • Strategy Management Theory and Practice research (BUU44500)
  • Research Methods (BU7582)
  • Advanced Qualitative Methods (BU8013)