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Martha O’Hagan- Luff

Assistant Professor in Finance, B.A, MSc, PhD

Room 211
01 896 4982

Dr Martha O’Hagan-Luff is an Assistant Professor of Finance and the Co-Director of the MSc in Law and Finance in Trinity Business School. She holds a BA in Economics and an MSc in Finance from Trinity College and a PhD in International Finance. Her research is in the area of Behavioural Finance, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Finance. She has published articles in the British Journal of Management, International Review of Financial Analysis, Small Business Economics, International Journal of Finance and Economics and the International Business Review.

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Prior to completing her PhD she worked in Investment Banking in London and Dublin, for Bank of America, Credit Suisse First Boston and Bank of Ireland Global Markets. Her area of specialisation was derivatives and financial engineering. Dr O’Hagan-Luff has received multiple teaching awards – she won the Provost’s Teaching Excellence Award in 2020, the National Forum Teaching Hero Award in 2021 and has been awarded the Trinity Business School Teaching Excellence Award every year since 2018 

Martha is interested in whether investors can achieve the benefits of international diversification indirectly by investing in internationalised firms.  Although home bias is widespread in investments, it may be overstated if this indirect exposure is not counted as foreign investment.




Dr O’Hagan-Luff has conducted research in firm internationalisation, behavioural finance, and entrepreneurship. Her current research interest are in sustainable finance, ESG investing and green bonds. Her research contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals 3, 8 and 13.

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  • Director MSc Law and Finance
  • BUU22550 Introduction to Finance
  • BUU33680 Investments
  • BU7803 Investment Theory