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Dr Jenny Berrill

Associate Professor of Finance

Room 407
01 896 2632

Jenny Berrill is Associate Professor of Finance at Trinity Business School. She holds a PhD degree in International Business and Finance from Trinity College Dublin. Her research interests are in the area of International Business, International Finance and more recently, entrepreneurship and mental health.

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Jenny has been working at Trinity Business School since 2009. She previously taught courses in Hong Kong, Australia and Spain as well as University College Dublin and Dublin City University here in Ireland. She has received three Trinity Business School Teaching Awards and one Research Award.

Her research interests are in the area of International Finance and International Business. She is also interested in the relationship between mental health and Finance. She has published articles in many journals including Social Science and Medicine, International Business Review, International Review of Financial Analysis, Small Business Economics and Financial Analysts Journal.

She is Associate Director for the MSc Finance and an Associate Editor for the International Review of Financial Analysis (3* ABS). She has also acted as External Examiner on several occasions.

  • Multinational Companies (MNC), firm performance and the international diversification of portfolios
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sentiment and Finance
  • Mental Health and Finance


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  13. The Importance of Firm Level Multinationality in the Country verus Industry Debate
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    1. Firm-Level Internationalisation, Regionalism and Globalisation
    Hutson, E., Sinkovics, R. and Berrill, J. (eds.) (2011) Firm-Level Internationalisation, Regionalism and Globalisation, Palgrave MacMillan.

    2. Investing in emerging and developing markets
    Berrill, J. and Kearney, C. (2012) 'Investing in emerging and developing markets', in K. Baker and L. Riddick (eds.) Survey of International Finance, Oxford University Press.

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  • BUU44650 Derivatives
  • BU7013 Corporate Financial Management
  • BU7095 Corporate Financial Management
  • BU7578 Financial Management