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Isilay Talay

Assistant Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Room TBA

Isilay Talay is an Assistant Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management. She holds a PhD from Duke University Fuqua School of Business (USA). She has her MSc in Industrial Engineering from Koc University (Turkey) and BSc in Industrial Engineering from Istanbul Technical University (Turkey).

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Isilay’s research focuses on applying stochastic optimization techniques to Operations and Supply Chain Management, with various application areas ranging from service operations to supply chain finance.

Her current research interests include interplay of production and financing decisions and optimal staffing and task allocation under attirition for trainees in specialized education programmes including residency programs in medicine.

She is a member of INFORMS Finance Section, INFORMS Health Applications Society, and INFORMS Applied Probability Society. She is also an invited reviewer for European Journal of Operational Research.

  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Interplay of Production and Financing Decisions
  • International Trade
  • Optimal Staffing and Task Allocation Planning for Trainees in Specialized Education Programmes


1. Optimal Procurement and Production Planning for Multi-Product Multi-Stage Production under Yield Uncertainty.
Talay, I. & Ozdemir-Akyildirim, O. (2019). European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR)275 (2), 536-551.

2. Optimal Staffing of Specialized Program Trainees Under Uncertainty.
Ozdemir-Akyildirim, O. & Talay-Degirmenci, I. (2015). Journal of the Operational Research Society66 (1), 66-75.

3. An Analytic Decision Support Tool for Resident Allocation
Talay-Degirmenci, I., Holmes, C. J., Kuo, P., & Jennings, O. B. (2013). Journal of Surgical Education, 70(1).

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    1. Strategic Decision Process on Transportation of Frozen Food at Tourism Destinations, H. Arapgirlioğlu, A. Atık, R. L. Elliott, E. Turgeon, (Ed.)
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1. Optimal policies under different pricing strategies in a production system with Markov-modulated demand. F. Ceragioli, A. Dontchev, H. Futura, K. Marti, L. Pandolfi (Ed.)
Ormeci, E. L., Gayon, J. P., Talay-Degirmenci, I., & Karaesmen, F. (2005, July). In IFIP Conference on System Modeling and Optimization, (pp. 239-249). Springer, Boston, MA.

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  • BU7705 Decision and Risk Analysis
  • BU7707 Supply Chain Science