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Dr. Ian Kierans

Ian helps companies clarify strategy, drive innovation and deliver change in pursuit of growth. Over 20 years he has successfully led a range of strategic innovation projects, especially helping established companies renew and/or transform into new growth cycles.

Client companies have been in the following industries: FMCG, Financial Services, Healthcare, Communications and Entertainment, Energy, and Industrial Goods.

Ian’s PhD was obtained from Cranfield University, UK. His research created state-of-the-art tools for generating innovative business models. His ideas on business model innovation have been applied in several established companies, leading to new businesses. Ian has recently returned from a two-year research sabbatical in the US where he participated in leading innovation programmes (e.g. M.I.T., Stanford and conducted on-site research with innovators at Lucas Films and HP Labs. Ian obtained a MBA from TCD Business School and an MA in Organisation Psychology from UCD.

Ian teaches executives on strategic innovation in the UK (Cranfield School of Management) and Germany (University of Mannheim). Ian is an Adjunct Assistant Professor with Trinity College Dublin, School of Business where he teaches graduates and executives on business model innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ian has been a director of Advanced Organisation since 2005. Prior to that he was a consultant in the US with Diamond Technology Partners (Digital Strategy) and Accenture.