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Dr. André Van Stel

Senior Research Fellow

André van Stel is a Senior Research Fellow at Trinity Business School. He holds a PhD in Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands). His research focuses on several topics within the field of the economics of entrepreneurship. He was named among the top 20 authors publishing in the journal Small Business Economics over the period 1989-2018. His work has been published in several other journals as well. André is Associate Editor of the International Review of Entrepreneurship.

  • Determinants and consequences of entrepreneurship at the country and regional level
  • Types and roles of productive entrepreneurship
  • Freelancing and solo self-employment
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Entrepreneurship and well-being


1. `Digital divide' among European entrepreneurs: Which types benefit most from ICT implementation?
Millán, J.M., Lyalkov, S., Burke, A., Millán, A., van Stel, A., Journal of Business Research, 125, 2021, p533-547 DOI

2. Analyzing the changing education distributions of solo self-employed workers and employer entrepreneurs in Europe
van Stel, A., van der Zwan, P., Small Business Economics. 55, (2), 2020, p429-445 DOI

3. Explaining entrepreneurial performance of solo self-employed from a motivational perspective
de Vries, N., Liebregts, W., van Stel, A., Small Business Economics55, (2), 2020, p447-460, DOI

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