Katrin Dreyer Gibney

Katrin Dreyer Gibney

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Katrin Dreyer-Gibney holds a PhD from the Trinity Business School, an MBA from the Open University, and a Business degree from the College of Commerce in Munich, Germany. Her teaching involves working with undergraduate and graduate students as well as executives in Ireland, Germany and the UK.

Katrin's research and development interests focus on improving practice and advancing theory in sustainable service operations, new service development and innovation through participatory methodologies such as collaborative action learning, action research and action oriented leadership. She worked with both private and public sector organisations including BMW, Hilton International, Hertz and the Health Service Executive. Katrin is currently working with the National Federation of Group Water Schemes (Ireland) and the National Trust in Wales on a collaborative action learning project, aimed at developing innovation capabilities.

For over 30 years, Katrin held leadership roles in the international service industry, in higher education, global shared services, publishing, health services, retail and the hospitality industry.

Throughout her career, Katrin combined academic engagement with practice. In parallel to her teaching and research engagement in the Trinity Business School, Katrin holds a senior management role in the Trinity Human Resources Department.