Dermot Duff

Dermot Duff

Adjunct Teaching Fellow


Dermot Duff’s expertise lies in the practical application of management theory and the resolution of complex business issues. An electronics engineer by training, Dermot held senior management positions in ITT Alcatel in Holland and was European Transformation Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation prior to its acquisition by HP. His early career was in oil exploration in Africa and the Middle East, followed by circuit design and international business development.

Dermot’s success in managing significant change in these large corporations led to his appointment as Senior Specialist and eventually Executive Learning Director with the Irish Management Institute.  There he ran a large portfolio of business and operations programmes, most recently in the development of small and medium enterprises. He currently leads IMI / UCC Diplomas in Management, Strategy & Innovation.

Dermot is also an Associate Professor in the University of Nottingham and hosts the Growth 100 business development programme there. He has published numerous articles and books, including Strategic Cost Reduction (2011) and Project Management: A Practical Guide (2010), and he has recently released a major new work on Managing Professionals and Other Smart People, published by Chartered Accountants Ireland.