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Dr. Aleksander Sevic
Associate Professor, Trinity Business School
Research Associate, International Integration Studies (IIIS)

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Lucey, B.M., Peat M., Sevic, A., Vigne S.A., What is the optimal weight for gold in a portfolio?, Annals of Operations Research, 2021, p277 - 291 Journal Article, 2021 URL TARA - Full Text

M Ángeles López-Cabarcos, Ada M Pérez-Pico, Juan Piñeiro-Chousa, Aleksandar ević, Bitcoin volatility, stock market and investor sentiment. Are they connected?, Finance Research Letters, 38, 2021 Journal Article, 2021 DOI

Juan Piñeiro-Chousa, M. Ángeles López-Cabarcos, Jérôme Caby, Aleksandar ević, The Influence of Investor Sentiment on the Green Bond Market, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 162, 2021 Journal Article, 2021 DOI

Wei Guo, Zhongfei Chen, Aleksandar ević, The political pressure from the US upon RMB exchange rate, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 73, 2021 Journal Article, 2021 DOI

Alexey Rubtsov, Wei Xu, Aleksandar ević, eljko ević, Price of Climate Risk Hedging under Uncertainty, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 165, 2021 Journal Article, 2021 DOI

Chau Le, Aleksandar ević, Panayiotis G. Tzeremes, Trong Ngo, Bank Efficiency in Vietnam: Do Scale Expansion Strategies and Non-Performing Loans Matter?, International Journal of Finance and Economics, 2020 Journal Article, 2020 DOI

Bing Dong, Wei Xu, Aleksandar Sevic and Zeljko Sevic, Efficient Willow Tree Method for Variable Annuities Valuation and Risk Management, International Review of Financial Analysis, 68, 2020 Journal Article, 2020 DOI

Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić, Andrea Lučić, Ru ica Brečić, Aleksandar ević i eljko ević, An Exploration of Start-ups' Sustainable Marketing Orientation (SMO), Industrial Marketing Management, 91, 2020, p176 - 186 Journal Article, 2020 DOI

Roman Matousek, StephanosΤ. Papadamou, Aleksandar evic, Nickolaos G. Tzeremes, The effectiveness of quantitative easing: Evidence from Japan, Journal of International Money and Finance, (99), 2019, p1 - 15 Journal Article, 2019 DOI

Marta Degl'Innocenti, Kevin Grant, Aleksandar ević, Nickolaos G. Tzeremes, Financial stability, competitiveness and banks' innovation capacity: Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis, International Review of Financial Analysis, 59, 2018, p35-46 Journal Article, 2018 URL

Brian M. Lucey, Samuel A. Vigne, Laura Ballester, Leonidas Barbopoulos, Janusz Brzeszczynski, Oscar Carchano, Nebojsa Dimic, Viviana Fernandez, Fabian Gogolin, Ana González-Urteaga, John W. Goodell, Pia Helbing, Riste Ichev, Fearghal Kearney, Elaine Laing, Charles J. Larkin, Annika Lindblad, Igor Lončarski, Kim Cuong Ly, Matej Marinč, Richard J. McGee, Frank McGroarty, Conor Neville, Martha O'Hagan-Luff, Vanja Piljak, Aleksandar Sevic, Xin Sheng, Dimitrios Stafylas, Andrew Urquhart, Roald Versteeg, Anh N. Vu, Simon Wolfe, Larisa Yarovaya, Andrea Zaghini, Future directions in international financial integration research - A crowdsourced perspective, International Review of Financial Analysis, 55, 2018, p35 - 49 Journal Article, 2018 DOI

Brawn, D.A., ević, A., Firm size matters: Industry sector, firm age and volatility do too in determining which publicly-listed US firms pay a dividend, International Review of Financial Analysis, 58, 2018, p132-152 Journal Article, 2018 DOI

Marco Lazzarino, Jenny Berrill, Aleksandar ević, What is Statistical Arbitrage?, Mathematical Economics Letters, 8, 2018, p888 - 908 Journal Article, 2018 URL

Aleksandar ević, Nevenka Popović ević, Beba Bajalski, Connection between Theory and Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility, Limes Plus, XIV, (3), 2017, p9 - 30 Journal Article, 2017 URL

Investment Decision Making: Where Do We Stand? in, editor(s)Jelena Stanković (University of Ni , Serbia), Pavlos Delias (Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Greece), Srđan Marinković (University of Ni , Serbia) and Sylvie Rochhia (Université Côte d'Azur, CNRS, GREDEG, France) , Tools and Techniques for Economic Decision Analysis, Hershey, Pennsylvania, IGI Global, 2017, pp1 - 23, [Aleksandar Sevic, Srdjan Marinkovic] Book Chapter, 2017 DOI URL

Aleksandar Sevic, Derek Brawn, Net Payout Return: An Alternative to the Traditional Returns Approach Based on Dividends and Share Repurchases, Finance Research Letters, 13, 2015, p66 - 73 Journal Article, 2015 URL

Aleksandar Sevic, Derek Brawn, Do Demographic Changes Matter? A Cross-Country Perspective, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, 30, 2015, p36 - 61 Journal Article, 2015 URL

Risk in Agriculture, Futures and Crush Spread Trading in, editor(s)Danijela Milos Sprcic , Risk Management: Strategies for Economic Development and Challenges in the Financial System, New York, NOVA Science Publishers, 2014, pp289 - 302, [Aleksandar Sevic] Book Chapter, 2014 URL

Aleksandar Sevic, Important Issues in Population Studies, The Economic Crisis and the Future of European Integration, Nis, Serbia, 18 October, 2013, edited by Zoran Arandjelovic and Srdjan Marinkovic , Faculty of Economics, University of Nis, 2013, pp29 - 40 Conference Paper, 2013

Aleksandar Sevic, Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute: Designations, Standards and Its Impact on Global Financial Industry, Racunovodstvo (Accountancy), 57, (11-12), 2013, p33 - 47 Journal Article, 2013 URL TARA - Full Text

Do Financial Reporting and Audit Quality Support Economic Growth and Development? A Post-Modernist Re-interpretation in, editor(s)Zoran Aranñelović, Dean Srñan Marinković, Editor-in-Chief , Rethinking Europe after the Economic Crisis; Lessons for the European Core and Periphery, Nis, Serbia, University of Nis, 2013, pp163 - 183, [Zeljko Sevic, Aleksandar Sevic] Book Chapter, 2013 TARA - Full Text

Aleksandar Sevic, Jiali Lu, Determinants of Corporate Bond Yield in China, Economske Teme (Economic Themes), 51, (3), 2013, p425 - 440 Journal Article, 2013 URL

Jennifer Berrill, Colm Kearney and Aleksandar Sevic, Corporate governance, internationalisation and the division of power between managers and shareholders, EIBA Taking International Business to the Next Level - Emerging Issues, Strategies and Economies, Bucharest, Romanie, 8 - 10 December, 2011 Conference Paper, 2011

Aleksandar Sevic, Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti and Zeljko Sevic, Determinants of Choice of Depositary Receipt Programs: An Exploratory Study, Managerial Finance, 36, (12), 2010, p990 - 1006 Journal Article, 2010 DOI

Brian Lucey and Aleksandar ević, Investigating the Determinants of Banking Coexceedances in Europe in the Summer of 2008, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 20, (3), 2010, p275-283 Journal Article, 2010 TARA - Full Text

Aleksandar Sevic, Book Review: A Guide to the World Bank by Stephen McGroarty, Global Business and Economics Review, 10, (1), 2008, p141 Journal Article, 2008

Brian Lucey, Aleksandar Sevic, High Frequency Banking Coexceedances in the Summer of 2008, XVII International Tor Vergata Conference on Banking and Finance "Emerging Markets, Currencies and Financial Stability, Rome, Italy, 3-5 December, 2008, 2008 Conference Paper, 2008

Aleksandar Sevic, Zeljko Sevic, Revitalisation of the Japanese Economy: A Corporate Governance Perspective, International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance, Vol. 1, (No. 1), 2007, p89 - 101 Journal Article, 2007 URL

Chanrasekhar Krishnamurti, Aleksandar Sevic, Zeljko Sevic, Legal Environment, Firm-level Corporate Governance and Expropriation of Minority Shareholders in Asia, Economic Change and Restructuring (formerly `Economics of Planning'), 38, (1), 2006, p85 - 111 Journal Article, 2006 URL

Aleksandar Sevic, Branko Zivanovic, Public Policy on SMEs in a South-East Asian Country and the Impact of FDIs: the Case of Thailand Before the Last Micro-Crisis, European Journal of Management and Public Policy, 2, (2), 2006, p53 - 93 Journal Article, 2006

Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti, Aleksandar Sevic, Zeljko Sevic, Market Microstructure Study on Seven US Stock Exchanges: Panel vs. VAR Methodology, Managerial Finance, 31, (12), 2005, p79 - 108 Journal Article, 2005

Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti, Aleksandar Sevic, Zeljko Sevic, Voluntary Disclosure, Transparency and Market Quality: Evidence from Emerging Market ADRs, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, 15, (4/5), 2005, p435 - 454 Journal Article, 2005 URL

Proximity Preference and Market Liquidity: Evidence from Latin American ADRs in, editor(s)Harvey Arbeláez and Reid William Click Eds , International Finance Review, 2004, pp305 - 324, [Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti, Aleksandar Sevicc] Book Chapter, 2004

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Aleksandar Sevic, Zeljko Sevic, Banking Reform in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, MOCT-MOST: Economic Policy in Transitional Economies, 10, (3/4), 2000, p381 - 403 Journal Article, 2000 URL

Aleksandar Sevic, Thailand's FDI Policy and Its Impact on the Development of SMEs, First Edition, Belgrade, Serbia, Balkan Centre for Public Policy and Related Studies, 1999, 1 - 58pp Book, 1999

Aleksandar Sevic, Zeljko Sevic, Monetary Policy in a Transitional Economy: Some Open Questions and Experiences, Economic Systems, 22, (3), 1999, p299 - 304 Journal Article, 1999

Research Expertise


Accounting; Finance; International economics, finance, trade and development



Finance Research Letters: Associate Editor Since 2020

Panoeconomicus: Editorial Board Member Since 2013

Volunteering for Chartered Financial Analyst Society, Charlottesville, VA. As a programme partner attended annual programme partnership meetings and as a CFA charterholder participated in the curriculum development and assessments both in Ireland and the US Since 2011


Chartered Financial Analyst. All requested level I, II and III examinations passed June 2005 – renewed full membership

Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst. All requested examinations passed. October 2013 – renewed full membership