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Dr. Ronika Chakrabarti

Associate Professor in Marketing

Ronika Chakrabarti is an Associate Professor in Marketing. Her teaching is in marketing theory, design thinking and consultancy. Her research intersects between marketing, entrepreneurship, market making and development, in formal-informal economies. A market making space she is keenly interested in are Bottom of the Pyramid and Subsistence Marketplaces.

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With a background in Information Systems and Management (University of Leeds, School of Computing), an MSc. in International Marketing Management and PhD in Marketing (Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds), Ronika has worked as a marketing consultant and most recently within the UK academic environment at Lancaster University Management School.

She is interested in how markets are being shaped in complex yet fascinating ecosystems such as the Bottom of the Pyramid and Subsistence Marketplaces. Her research situates within a theoretical intersection of market creation, development and preservation. She is fascinated at how market making is fostered by a myriad of agencies ranging from consumer-producers, entrepreneurs and hybrid organisations, to see how sustainable change can be understood from calculative interventions that are being performed across diverse contextual spaces.

Currently, Ronika is researching the role of art within Subsistence Marketplaces to foster cultural preservation among artistic consumer-entrepreneurs. She is further exploring how hybrid organisations, entrepreneurs and policy makers are designing sustainable interventions in resource constrained environments. She has had the privilege of working in several countries and continents (Asia, Africa, North America, South America) with organisations, communities and inspiring individuals using a plurality of methods (immersive ethnography, visual methods, events structure analysis) to study market creation.

Ronika has engaged in visiting professorship roles at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. She has acted as a co-editor of the following ‘Special Issues’ on Markets and Marketing at the Bottom of the Pyramid, in Marketing Theory (2017); Open Sustainability, in Industrial Marketing Management (2020) and Subsistence Marketplaces, in the Journal of Consumer Affairs (2021).

In 2018 Ronika co-chaired, The Seventh Subsistence Marketplaces Conference: Subsistence and Sustainability, organized by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

In 2019, she co-chaired, The Second Subsistence Marketplaces Bottom-Up Immersion Conference in Arusha, Tanzania


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  • Market Creation, Development, Preservation, Design and Sustainability
  • Bottom of the Pyramid and Subsistence Marketplaces
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Hybrid Organising
  • Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Culture and Populations
  • Artistic Consumer-Entrepreneurship
  • BU7229 Marketing Design Consultancy
  • BU7003 Marketing Strategy