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Dr. Gemma Donnelly Cox
Assistant Professor in Business Studies, Trinity Business School


Gemma Donnelly-Cox (BA, MPhil, DPhil) is an Assistant Professor of Management at Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin. Her research is focused on nonprofit governance, philanthropy, organizational hybridity and organizational responses to altered conditions of support at the level of organization, organizational field and society. She is Co-Director of the Trinity Centre for Social Innovation and has expertise in research, consulting and management in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors.

She has published widely on nonprofit management and hybridization of organizational forms. She has served on several boards of nonprofit organizations and as an Expert for the European Commission. She is a member of the coordinating team for the EGOS Standing Working Group on Civil Society (2019-22).

Her current research is on nonprofit govrenance, philanthropy and social investment, and the dynamics of organizational fields, with a focus on institutional logics and entrepreneurship. Her PhD students are exploring the social entrepreneurial character of state-funded nonprofit organizations and managerial work in faith based organizations.

She completed her DPhil in Management at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford in 2001 and her MPhil in Management at Templeton College, University of Oxford in 1990. She also has a BA in History and Politics from the University of Waterloo.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Rhodes, Mary Lee, McQuaid, Siobhán and Donnelly-Cox, Gemma, Social innovation and temporary innovations systems (TIS): insights from nature-based solutions in Europe, Social Enterprise Journal, Vol. ahead-of-print, (No. ahead-of-print), 2021, p1-19 Journal Article, 2021

Donnelly-Cox, Gemma, Meyer, Michael and Wijkström, Filip, Research Handbook on Nonprofit Governance, First, Cheltenham, United Kingdom and Northampton, Mass, USA, Edward Elgar, 2021, vi - 423pp Book, 2021 URL DOI URL

Harrow, Jenny; Donnelly-Cox, Gemma, Healy, John and Wijkström, The management and organization of philanthropy: New directions and contested undercurrents., International Journal of Management Reviews, 23, (3), 2021, p3 - 11 Journal Article, 2021 TARA - Full Text DOI

Deepening and broadening the field: introduction to Research Handbook on Nonprofit Governance in, editor(s)Donnelly-Cox, Gemma; Meyer, Michael and Wijkström, Filip , Research Handbook on Nonprofit Govenance, Cheltenham, United Kingdom and Northampton, Mass, USA, Edward Elgar, 2021, pp1 - 25, [Donnelly-Cox, Gemma; Meyer, Michael and Wijkström, Filip] Book Chapter, 2021 TARA - Full Text

Non-profit Governance in, editor(s)Helmut K. Anheier and Theodor Baums , Advances in Corporate Governance: Comparative Perpsectives, Oxford, England, Oxford University Press, 2020, pp142 - 179, [Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Michael Meyer, and Filip Wijkström] Book Chapter, 2020 TARA - Full Text

Rhodes, M.L. and Donnelly-Cox, G., Social Impact Bonds as Temporary Innovation Systems: a new model for understanding wicked problem interventions, IRSPM, Wellington, NZ, 16-18 Apr, 2019 Conference Paper, 2019

Cannon, Sheila M.; Danielle Byrne; Mary Lee Rhodes; Gemma Donnelly-Cox; Raymond Dart, Social Enterprise in Ireland: A country case study, ARNOVA (Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action) 48th Annual Conference, San Diego, California, USA, November 2019, 2019, pp1 - 23 Conference Paper, 2019

Theo Schuyt, Jorge Cortell, Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Stefan Einarsson, Barbara Gouwenberg, Ignasi Lopez Verdeguer, Cathy Pharoah, Bjoern Struewer, Liisa Suvikumpu, Ignacio Puente Gonzalez, Driving Progress for Research and Innovation in Europe: The Potential of R&I Foundations, Brussels, European Commission DG-RTD, June, 2018, p1 - 75 Report, 2018 URL TARA - Full Text DOI

Rhodes, M.L. and Donnelly-Cox, G., Social Impact Bonds as Temporary Innovation Systems: towards a framework for analysis, Comparative perspectives on SIBs and outcomes-based approaches to public seervice commissioning, Oxford, UK, 6-7 Sep, 2018 Conference Paper, 2018

Cannon, S. M.; G. Donnelly-Cox, Surviving the peace: Organizational responses to deinstitutionalization of Irish peacebuilding, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 44, (2), 2015, p360 - 378 Journal Article, 2015 URL DOI

Healy, John A. , Institutional complexity and the construction of collective action in nonprofit fields, Trinity College Dublin, 2015 Thesis, 2015

Gemma Donnelly-Cox and Mary Lee Rhodes, How do Social Impact Bonds Affect the Creation of a Social and Sustainable Finance Ecosystem? The Case of Using SIBs to Tackle Long-term Homelessness in Dublin, Social and Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing Conference, Oxford, UK, 23-24 April 2015, 2015 Oral Presentation, 2015

Donnelly-Cox, G; S. Cannon; J. Harrison, Ireland Country Report: Eufori Study. European Foundations for Research and Innovation, Brussels, Belgium, European Commission, 2015, 597-634 Report, 2015 URL TARA - Full Text

John A Healy and Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Scaling a winding path - The importance of understanding the adaptive processes by which social entrepreneurs influence social services, Social and Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing Conference, Osford, UK, 23-24 April 2015, 2015, pp1-24 Conference Paper, 2015

Civil society governance: Hybridization within third sector and social enterprise domains in, editor(s)Jean-Louis Laville, Dennis Young, Philippe Eynaud , Civil Society, the Third Sector and Social Enterprise: Governance and Democracy, London, Taylor and Francis, Routledge Goup, 2015, pp6 - 20, [Gemma Donnelly-Cox] Book Chapter, 2015 URL

Mary Lee Rhodes and Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Hybridity and Social Entrepreneurship in Social Housing in Ireland, Voluntas, 2014, p1-18 Journal Article, 2014 URL

Cannon, Sheila, Surviving the peace: Processes of organisational identity work in response to deinstitutionalisation of Irish peacebuilding, Trinity College Dublin, 2014 Thesis, 2014

Post-Partnership Ireland: Organizational Survival and Social Change Strategies in an Era of Economic Restraint in, editor(s)Rachel Laforest , Taking Stock of Government-Nonprofit Relationships in Times of Recession, Montreal, McGill-Queen's University Press, 2013, pp1-16 , [Gemma Donnelly-Cox and John A. Healy] Book Chapter, 2013

ML Rhodes, Ann Torres, Gemma Donnelly-Cox, A Place to Call Home: Addressing Dublin's Homelessness Case Study, 2013 URL

Corporate Philanthropy at a Time of (economic) Crisis - the Irish Experience in, editor(s)Kathryn Haynes, Alan Murray, Jesse Dillard , Corporate Social Responsibility: A Research Handbook, Abingdon, Oxford, Routledge, 2013, pp255 - 271, [Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Andrew O'Regan and Gerard McHugh] Book Chapter, 2013

Cannon, S.; K. Kreutzer; G. Donnelly-Cox, Mission accomplished? Organizational identity work in Irish peacebuilding organizations, Annual Colloquium of the European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), Montreal, Canada, July 2013, 2013 Conference Paper, 2013

Donnelly-Cox, Gemma; Caroline Reid, Ciara Begley, Jennifer Finn and Declan Harmon, Nonprofit-State Relations in Ireland: Contexts, Issues and Alternatives, Nonprofit Policy Forum, 3, (1), 2012, p1 - 19 Journal Article, 2012

ML Rhodes & Gemma Donnelly-Cox, What's in a Name? Social Entrepreneurship and Hybridity in Social Housing in Ireland, 4th Int'l Social Innovation Research Conference, Univ. of Birmingham, UK, 12-14 Sep, 2012, 2012 Conference Paper, 2012

Rhodes,ML and Donnelly-Cox, Gemma, What's in a Name?: The meaning of 'Hybrid' in housing organisations in Ireland, Int'l Society for Third-sector Research, Siena, Italy, 10-13 July, 2012, 2012 Conference Paper, 2012

Between Relational Governance and Regulation of the Third Sector: The Irish Case in, editor(s)Susan D. Phillips and Steven Rathgeb Smith , Governance and Regulation in the Third Sector: International Perspectives, New York and Oxford, Routledge, 2011, pp99 - 114, [Gemma Donnelly-Cox and Siobhan McGee] Book Chapter, 2011

Cannon, S.M., and G. Donnelly-Cox, A hidden landscape? Finding and exploring the changing field of peacebuilding organisations., 27th European Group on Organization Studies (EGOS) Colloquium, Reassembling Organisations, Gothenburg, Sweden, 7-9 July, 2011, pp1 - 24 Conference Paper, 2011

Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Now you see it, now you don't: Government-nonprofit partnerships in Ireland, "The Recession and Beyond: Taking stock of Government-nonprofit Relationships" Seminar, Toronto, Canada, 16th November 2011, 2011, Public Policy and Third Sector Initiative, Queens University, 1 - 19pp Invited Talk, 2011

Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Corporate Philanthropy in Ireland? Some Reflections on Corporate-Nonprofit Relationships during an Economic Crisis, ESRC Seminar Series Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): When Worlds Collide - Contested Paradigms of Corporate Responsibility, Institute of Chartered Accountants, London, 25th March, 2010, ESRC and Centre for Charity Effectiveness, CASS Business School, London City University Invited Talk, 2010

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Donnelly-Cox, G. and S.M Cannon , Searching For Solutions: Reactions in Ireland to Crisis and Altered Conditions of Support. The Case of the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) 9th International Conference, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey, 7-10 July, 2010, pp1 - 18 Conference Paper, 2010

Steinbereithner, M.; G. Donnelly-Cox, F Maier, M Meyer, A O'Regan, Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose: Faces of Managerialism in Austria and Ireland, International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) 9th International Conference, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey, 7-10 July, 2010, pp1 - 14 Conference Paper, 2010

Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Searching for Solutions: Organisational Responses to Altered Conditions of Support in Ireland. , Symposium on the Global Financial Crisis and its Implications for Nonprofit Organizations, Civil Society and Social Investment, Centre for Social Investment, University of Heidelberg, 16th September, 2009, University of Heidelberg's Centre for Social Investment (CSI) and supported by the Manfred Lautenschläger Stiftung (MLS). Invited Talk, 2009

Social Entrepreneurship as a Performance Landscape: The Case of Front Line. in, editor(s)Jeffrey A. Goldstein, James K. Hazy and Joyce Silberstang , Complexity Science & Social Entrepreneurship: Adding Social Value Through Systems Thinking. , Arizona, ISCE Publishing, 2009, pp559 - 580, [Rhodes, Mary Lee and Gemma Donnelly-Cox ] Book Chapter, 2009

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Mary Lee Rhodes and Gemma Donnelly-Cox, In What Way is Social Entrepreneurship Complex?, 1st Int'l Conference on Social Entrepreneurship and Complexity, Adelphi Univ., NY, April 24-26, 2008 Conference Paper, 2008

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Donnelly-Cox, Gemma Rhodes, Mary-Lee Hogan, Benn Lawlor, Mary, Corporate Human Rights Reporting, Accountancy Ireland, 52, (4), 2020, p33 - 35 Journal Article, 2020

G. Donnelly-Cox, Social Entrepreneurship Education for Business Studies Students: A Case Study, BenchMark3 Conference on Nonprofit and Philanthropic Studies, Tempe, Arizona , 16-19 March 2006, 2006 Conference Paper, 2006

G. Donnelly-Cox, S. McGee, Research, Education and Dialogue: Logic of a Three-Strand Programme Model. Panel on "Nonprofit Management Education Theory and Practice: Moving from program design to assessment and practice". , Association for Research on Nonprofit Organization and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA), Chicago, 16-18 November 2006, 2006 Conference Paper, 2006

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Andrew O'Regan, Gemma Donnelly-Cox, Edwina Hughes, Model development for Nonprofit Management; a case study of emergent issues of theoretical sufficiency, managerial utility, and pedagogic capacity, EIASM 5th Workshop on the Challenges of Managing the 3rd Sector, Queen's University Belfast, 6-7 September 2005, 2005 Conference Paper, 2005

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M Keating, G Martin, and G Donnelly-Cox, An Interdisciplinary and Cross-cultural Approach to Research: The GLOBE Project., Proceedings of the 5th European Congress of Psychology, University College Dublin, 1997, pp327 Conference Paper, 1997

Research Expertise


I am an organization theorist who studies development in fields of organizing. I am an effective collaborator, in identifying opportunities and bringing together partners to pursue them. My research career commenced with leadership effectiveness (GLOBE Project). This evolved to leadership and organizational development in third sector organizing domains, the interface between nonprofit, public, and private sectors, and changes in organizing and resourcing patterns within these. I have published on leadership, civil society organization and management, hybrid organizational forms and blurring sector boundaries, organization responses to altered conditions of support, nonprofit governance, social entrepreneurship, organizing and resourcing social innovation, foundations and philanthropy. In developing my research interests, I have invested in building new and developing existing research infrastructure: the Voluntary Organization Research Group (1997-2000), the Centre for Nonprofit Management (2000-2017) and co-founded the Centre for Social Innovation (2018-present). Internationally, I co-founded the European Third Sector PhD Network. My teaching is research-led, and is detailed in teaching and service sections below, as is my work with doctoral students and support for my field's institutional structures. My contributions to post-experience MBA, and Fenix and European Programme in Civil Society Leadership (EPICS) executive education programmes draw on my participation in international collaborative research projects. In 2017-18 I served on the EU Expert Group on Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment. The recommendations from this report address important elements of philanthropic foundation activity in Europe, including cross-border giving. In moving to new fruitful focal areas, research contributions can be lost to education. With this in mind, my most recent EU grant application is for a HORIZON Action Grant, to transfer knowledge about nature based solutions and enterprises, from our Connecting Nature and other projects, into education through multiple types of curriculum development that ensure access to NBS knowledge and resources for all.


  • Title
    • NBS EduWorld
  • Summary
    • The overall objective of NBS EduWORLD is to nurture an NBS literate society, supporting a just transition to a sustainable future. For this, NBS EduWORLD will create an NBS community that facilitates synergies between NBS professionals and education providers and ensures free and easy access to NBS knowledge and resources for all. To achieve this goal, NBS EduWORLD will summarise the state of play of NBS education in Europe and evaluate the initiatives already in place, determine how to expand and replicate them and establish a basis and framework for the project itself and future initiatives, resulting in guidance and (policy) recommendations. In parallel, the project will analyse NBS demonstrators, with an educational dimension (Tier-1), across Europe (NBS EduSystems), to support the testing and improvement of approaches and resources with NBS demonstrators with no or a limited educational dimension (Tier-2) and create the means and opportunities for all NBS practitioners to engage with educators, inter alia via Tier-3 NBS EduSystems. This will be done whilst supporting the overarching goal of promoting NBS as a viable career prospect for European citizens of all ages. To adequately engage educators who are at different points on their NBS journey, the project will provide specific activities for those who are not yet familiar with the concept and benefits of NBS, and those already aware but in need of support to progress to the next stage. These activities will be scaled up/out by extensive dissemination and communication activities to maximise the project's outreach and ensure its long-term success. Only by joining with NBS experts + Education Experts + Civil Society + supportive policies can we create an NBS EduWORLD - a community that makes a difference.
  • Funding Agency
    • European Commission
  • Date From
    • 2022
  • Date To
    • 2025
  • Title
    • Connecting Nature
  • Summary
    • The overarching objective of CONNECTING NATURE is to position Europe as a global leader in the innovation and implementation of nature-based solutions. The project partners will form a community of cities fostering peer-to-peer, transdisciplinary capacity building between front-runner, fast-follower and multiplier cities facilitated by the project consortium. The project collaborative will co-develop the policy and practices necessary to scale up urban resilience, innovation and governance via nature-based solutions. An open innovation ecosystem approach bringing together city governments, SMEs, academia and civic society will be used to co-produce usable and actionable knowledge in all cities. CONNECTING NATURE will provide the reference framework for a new generation of urban nature-based solution processes and empower transitioning ambassadors who will globalise this approach through a strategy targeting multiplier cities. This novel approach, coupled with the high capacity of the consortium, makes CONNECTING NATURE a unique and exciting prospect.
  • Funding Agency
    • European Commission H2020
  • Date From
    • 1 Jun 2017
  • Date To
    • 30 May 2022
  • Title
    • EUFORI (European Foundations for Research and Innovation) Study
  • Summary
    • Study on foundations supporting research and innovation in the EU: Quantitative and qualitative assessment, comparative analysis, trends and potential ("EUFORI")
  • Funding Agency
    • European Commission DG Research and Innovation
  • Date From
    • 2012
  • Date To
    • 2014



Member of EU Expert Group on Venture Philanthropy and Social Investment, reporting to DG Research and Innovation (RTD) January 2017-February 2018

Member of the National Social Innovation Consultative Advisory Group, on the development of a National Competence Centre on Social Innovation (NCCSI) Dec 2021 - May 2023

External Examiner for suite of five MSc degrees in Voluntary Organisation Managment, Philanthropy and Fundraising, Cass (now Bayes) Business School, City, University of London 2014-2019

State Exam Commission 2012-22

Opponent for PhD Defence, Stockholm School of Economics December 2018

Convenor, European Group on Organisation Studies (EGOS) Civil Society Standing Working Group - Organizing in and through Civil Society: Perspectives, Issues, Challenges 2019-22

Visiting Scholar at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business - honorary position held while on academic sabbatical from Trinity Business School 7 Aug 2017 - 1 Mar 2018

Co-Editor, Nomos Book Series on European Civil Society 2010

Editorial Board Member, Nonprofit Policy Forum 2010

Board Member, Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action 2006-2008

Programme Coordinator, European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) EDEN Doctoral Programme in Nonprofit Organisation and Management Nov 2006 & Nov 2009

Opponent for PhD Defence, Stockholm University Jan 2007 & Feb 2008

Co-Founder and Convenor, European Third Sector PhD Network Feb 2001- Feb 2003

Chair, Local Committee, International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) Biennial Conference. July 2000

External Examiner, Master of Arts in the Management of Community and Voluntary Services, All Hallows College, Dublin 2007-2012

Awards and Honours

Teaching Excellence Award, Trinity Business School 2021

Ideell Arena Leadership Award, Stockholm, Sweden 2016

Snow Foundation Award for Best Case or Simulation in Collaborative Nonprofit Management, Syracuse University Maxwell School of Public Affairs 2013


European Group for Organizational Studies 2006 - – present

European Research Network on Philanthropy 2010- – Present

Association for Research on Nonprofit Organisations and Voluntary Action 1995 - – present

International Society for Third Sector Research 1998 - – present

Association for Voluntary Action Research in Ireland (AVARI) 1997 – 2002