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Research Seminars

12th September, 2019

Speaker: Professor. Shailendra (Shelly) Pratap Jain

TITLE: Towards Understanding the Anatomy of Brand Transgressions

Note: This seminar will be taking place in the Bank of Ireland lecture theatre, Trinity Business School. Time: 12.00pm – 14.00pm.

ABSTRACT: Frequently we observe brands committing transgressions, i.e., engaging in advertent or inadvertent behaviors which influence various stakeholders negatively. Examples of such transgressions include brands showing a poor understanding of racial/ethnic/gender sensitivities, purportedly using harmful chemicals in product manufacture, misunderstanding/miscommunicating body image issues, and facing unexpected product failure whose consequences vary from mild to serious. This presentation will feature 8 experiments and quasi-experiments across 3 research projects that examine the interactional influence of different types of brands, transgressions, their consequences, and consumers on perceptions and judgments about the transgressing brands. Both, mundane product brands as well as human brands and their transgressions are investigated.

BIO: Shailendra (Shelly) Pratap Jain is James D. Currie Professor of Marketing at Foster School of Business, University of Washington. Formerly a Chair of Department at the same school, he does research in consumer behaviour and psychology on topics including brand strategy, categorization, comparative advertising and the economics of information. His research is published in leading marketing and psychology journals such Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Marketing Science or Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

19th September, 2019

Speaker: Dr. Laurent Muzellec, Dr. Deepak Saxena

TITLE: From Bureaucracy to Citizen Centricity

Note: 'Class of 1980' Lecture Room, Trinity Business School. Time: 12.00pm – 14.00pm.

ABSTRACT: Although there exists extensive information about consumer decision-making journey and best practice in the private sectors, there is a dearth of studies focusing on citizens and public services. This study covers this gap by focusing on the journey of Irish citizens in availing selected public services. Five common pain points are identified for the citizen journey. Based on international benchmarking, our analysis reveals five key insights for government to move from administrative authority to citizen centricity in successfully managing the digital transformation.

BIO: Laurent Muzellec is Associate Professor at Trinity Business School, Dublin, where he is founder and director the Trinity Centre for Digital Business and the M.Sc. in Digital Marketing Strategy. He advises senior managers and talks to audiences worldwide on digital opportunities. Laurent’s research focuses on digital business models and multi-sided platforms as well as digital advertising and fictional brands.

Dr. Deepak Saxena is working as a Research Fellow with the Trinity Centre for Digital Business. He holds a PhD in Business from Trinity Business School and a Master in Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.

10th October, 2019

Speaker: Associate Professor Stephen Kinsella, University of Limerick

TITLE: The Network Structure of Knowledge Flows

Note: 'Class of 1980' Lecture Room, Trinity Business School. Time: 12.00pm – 14.00pm.



31st October, 2019

Speaker: Dr. Radu Dimitriu

TITLE: Would an Expert Driver Adopt an Autonomous Car? Effects of Consumers’ Task Expertise on Forming Intentions to Adopt Autonomous Products

Note: 'Class of 1980' Lecture Room, Trinity Business School. Time: 12.00pm – 14.00pm.



7th November, 2019

Speaker: Dr. Samuel Vigne, Dr. Brian Lucey, and Dr. Pia Helbing

TITLE: Sell or Die : What happens "pulled" IPOs?

Note: 'Class of 1980' Lecture Room, Trinity Business School. Time: 12.00pm – 14.00pm.



6th February , 2020

Speaker: Prof Guido Palazzo from HEC Lausanne

TITLE: Sell or Die : TBC

Note: 'Class of 1980' Lecture Room, Trinity Business School. Time: 12.00pm – 14.00pm.


BIO: Guido Palazzo is Professor of Business Ethics at HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne.

In his research, he is passionate about the dark side of the force and examines unethical decision making from various angles. He is mainly known for his studies in globalization, in particular on human rights violations in global value chains, but he also studies the reasons for unethical behavior in organization and the impact of organized crime on business and society. Currently, he is examining the illegal toxic waste business of the Italian Mafia.

He studied business administration and has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Marburg in Germany.




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