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Trinity Business School's Reboot and Reignite Business

Workshops to help to shape-up business in the new environment.

Trinity Business School initially responded to the pandemic through a series of webinars and online discussion panels that helped businesses navigate and manage the Covid-19 crisis. In a piece published in The Association of MBAs titled 'Let's Not Resuscitate the Frankenstein Economy', Professor Andrew Burke, Dean of Trinity Business School, points out that the pandemic itself has given us a once in a lifetime chance to create a sustainable future society and business in the future. It’s a second chance that we can’t ignore, he says.

The next stage in our C-19 response involves an 8-part seminar series as part of the Reboot and Reignite business series.

TBS has designed the series in collaboration with IBEC to help businesses secure a pathway which is financially viable, strategically competitive and sustainable in terms of the environment and diversity. Jointly, the seminars will be led by business leaders, all experts in their sectors, who can join with us in providing a real value-added contribution to the business community as we look to rebuild organisations and the economy.

The Reboot and Reignite Online Series will follow a format where key issues facing businesses are explored and where solutions and response frameworks are identified and discussed.

  • Each seminar will run for 75 minutes and will include a workshop activity for participants.  
  • The series would be held every Tuesday from 13.00 to 14.15 commencing on September 22nd, 2020. 

Eight seminars are proposed covering the following topics:

How your business can thrive in a challenging environment

Date: 22nd September

Lead: Director of Executive Education Michael Flynn

Panel: Danny McCoy (CEO of Ibec), Professor Andrew Burke (Dean of Trinity Business School).

Event: This session will launch the series and will focus on how to reignite your business – BlueSky strategic and innovative thinking, reimagining your business model in ways that “allow you to not waste a good crisis”.

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Self-awareness – the key to crafting your own leadership style

Date: 29th September

Lead: Kara McGann (Head of Social Policy, IBEC)

Panel: Jamie Heaslip, Former Pro Rugby Player & High-Performance Coach, Dr Rhona Mahony (Executive Director, Ireland East Hospital Group)

Event: How do we position ourselves for strong leadership in such uncertain times and bring people through a reboot and reignite process that position organisations for future growth

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Navigating uncertainty through flexible and agile operations

Date: 6th October

Lead: Richard Keegan (Adjunct Associate Professor of Lean Operations Excellence, Trinity Business School)

Panel: Heiko Gierhardt (PhD, TBS adjunct, Operations Director at Jaguar Land Rover UK), Gavin Carpenter (CEO of Phonovation, and Mike Luff (Section Manager at Toyota)

Event: The session will focus on how businesses create agile and flexible operations through approaches such as engaging with contract workers, outsourcing and honing lean operational excellence.

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Staying cash positive in a Covid-19 recessionary world.

Date: 13th October

Lead: Gerard McHugh (Associate Professor in Accounting at Trinity Business School)

Panel: TBC

Event: This session will focus on management accounting and the need to steward the business through the C-19 economy with disciplined cash and asset management.

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Strategic finance for recovery & growth

Date: 20th October

Lead: TBC

Panel: TBC

Event: This session will focus on managing, renegotiating and acquiring debt / finance in order to reboot and reignite.

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Workplace Practice HR – remote & workplace practice.

Date: 27th October

Lead: Maeve McElwee (Director of Employer Relations at IBEC)

Panel: TBC

Event: One of the few potentially good things to come out of C-19 is more acceptance and understanding for flexible and remote working. This will have profound impacts on the need for large office floorplates and influences on how we work as organisations and teams, and on how we lead. If done right, it will also save organisations money, help with retention / decrease churn and positively impact culture & productivity. The focus here is on how we embed elements of our lockdown experience into the work place and organisations. 

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Building purpose and sustainability into competitive advantage.

Date: 3rd November

Lead: Andrew Burke (Dean of Trinity Business School)

Panel: Siobhan Masterson (Director of Corporate Affairs at IBEC), and Simon McKeever (CEO at IEA).

Event: This session is about how we align purpose with finding new and sustainable competitive advantage that are aligned with seismic demand for climate action and wider stakeholder definition from customers, employees, government and suppliers.

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Digital strategies for rebooting & reigniting business.

Date: 10th November



Event: TBC

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