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Letters to the Financial Times by Professor Louis Brennan (Subscribers only)

Alstom-Siemens rail business merger is good management practice
Humans will do things for which they are rewarded
EU must devise policies to create more continental champions
Prudent pace of China's economic transformation
Incentivising companies is key to tax cut benefits
What if we have reached the point of no return?
Scrap paper and an insight into our connected world
Import levy unlikely to greatly affect the dollar
Ask yourselves why capital flow is under threat
Shareholder value is not fit for purpose
Chinese are investing where rule of law applies but this is not reciprocal
Be wary of terristrial bias in discussing life on Mars
Why do central bankers keep experimenting?
Error on a massive scale - but no accountability
Reality is all too much to bear for abstract economic models
Paying vultures would confirm public's worst suspicions
Dogma of shareholder value at root of inequality
Space exploration is a necessity for the human species
Grand larceny of private equity
Bondholder junkies must bear Ireland's losses
'Pluck' would be better aimed at reckless banks