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Covid-19 Conversations Series

Professor Brian Lucey, Dean of Research at Trinity Business School, hosts a series of online conversations with our experts sharing insights on the global business impact of COVID-19, the challenges organisations and students are facing, and recommendations on how they can respond.

  • Episode 1: The Financial Perspective
  • Episode 2: Corporate Dilemmas
  • Episode 3: Managing Staff During Crisis
  • Episode 4: The Future of Work is Here
  • Episode 5: The Academic Response
  • Episode 6: The Importance of Business Analytics
  • Episode 7: Irish Policy-Making
  • Episode 8: How Social Entrepreneurship Can Assist Societies
  • Episode 9: The Value of Gold
  • Episode 10: Wicked Problems for Organisations
  • Episode 11: Debt Mutualisation
  • Episode 12: Globalization
  • Episode 13: Self-Employment
  • Episode 14: The Response of Chinese Marketeers
  • Episode 15: Brand Retention and Extension
  • Episode 16: Debt, EU Integration, Firm Policy Responses, & Surviving Shocks
  • Episode 17: Enhancing Digital Footprint, Role of HR in Digital, Digital Business
  • Episode 18: Crowdfunding, Success Rates, Investors