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Events Calendar 2020/2021

This calendar is constantly being updated with additional events, keep an eye out for new events.

May 2021





CDBA Speaker Series in Conversation with Academic Leaders – Chee-Wee Tan

In this speaker series, Professor Chee-Wee Tan will talk abouthow developers can leverage on product development process to grow their brand within open innovation ecosystems. He will introduce a multi-level perspective to link a novel concept of brand vitality alongside established dimensions of brand equity (i.e., quality assurance, symbolic image, and visibility) as antecedents of developer performance in open innovation ecosystems, and posit product development process attributes (i.e., product irregularity, pace, and scope) as factors affecting the abovementioned brand equity dimensions.

May 21st, Register here.
CSI Event 'What Irish businesses need to know about human rights: Part II: Real-world business experiences.'

A practical business webinar, involving real-world business examples, to assist businesses in managing human rights risks and increasing their understanding of how human rights support the broader sustainability agenda. 

May 27th, Register here.

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