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CAO scores BBS 544 points as top choice general management degree and BESS at 520 points as second choice

Trinity Business School has been rapidly transformed over recent years into a full suite top international business school and that appears to have played a major role in establishing Trinity College Dublin as the university of choice for general management education among Irish secondary school graduates.  Although CAO points for business studies degrees went down in most universities in Ireland, Trinity Business School bucked the national trend by achieving sizeable increases in its CAO points for both BBS and BESS which are now respectively the top two general management degrees in Ireland. Our aim now is to further develop our capacity to deliver some of the niche specialist undergraduate management degrees such as one in Business and Data Analytics. 


We are currently the fastest growing established Business School in Europe which to a large extent has been driven by a massive increase in international and postgraduate students applying to study our new portfolio of business courses at Trinity.  The 2017 CAO applications results show a 51% increase in first preferences for our Bachelor Business Studies degree which indicates that Irish undergraduate applicants are also now well aware of the massive transformation that is taking place in Trinity  Business School and want to be part of this rapidly emerging international powerhouse of management education.

The key attraction of Trinity Business School is a unique combination of being at a rapidly growing and innovative business school which is at the heart of a World famous university and which is located at the heart of Dublin City and the headquarters of Global business.  It is a very exciting time for Trinity Business School as we are creating new programmes based on cutting-edge industry expertise and research knowledge; delivering them in a manner that builds teamwork, enables explorative learning and provides our graduates with a moral compass. 

To deliver these ends, we are continuing to hire some great international professors in parallel with an excellent team of professionals plus are now only 18 months away from entering our new iconic €80 million building on campus in the centre of the City.  In fact, the new undergraduate students that join this year will be the first cohort to spend the majority of their learning in our new building.  It is an exciting time to be at Trinity and a real privilege to work here as we ensure that Trinity Business School realises its full Global potential on an entirely self-funded model without a single cent of cost for the taxpayer. 


Professor Andrew Burke
Dean of Trinity Business School and Chair of Business Studies