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Our International Students' Experiences

Gloria Joshy, MSc in Management Graduate
Nationality: Indian
Current Employment: Pre-Sales Agent, IDG Media

"Leaving your comfort zone and going to another country to study can be overwhelming to say the least. Being an international student I was initially nervous about the uncertainties one would face in a new country. However, my worries were soon put to rest, when I realized that Ireland is an extremely inclusive country. The people and the culture made me feel at home and I made some lifelong companions here.

I chose Trinity to pursue my Masters as it is one of the leading educational institutions in Europe. Under Trinity’s roof every student is provided with great resources and guidance to help them excel. The exceptional faculty provides immense support to each and every student, and grooms young minds to excel and outperform in their areas of interest. On campus, there are a myriad of student societies and clubs where students can indulge in creative and innovative activities to help keep academic stress at bay. I never missed my Holi and Diwali celebrations because the Trinity Indian society had some great events on these occasions.

My experience at the business school has helped hone my leadership skills and confidence. It is here that I made the biggest career decision – to get into sales. After graduating from Trinity I was soon offered a job with IDG Media as a pre-sales agent. My journey with Trinity has been nothing short of a great adventure. One can be assured that right from the application process up until you graduate you will always find help at Trinity Business School. Being a Trinity Business School graduate is matter of pride and the lessons I learnt here are invaluable."

Zeno Lobe, MSc in International Management
Nationality: German

Current Employment: Associate at Strategy&, part of the PWC Network, Germany

"For me, the decision for the MSc in International Management in Trinity Business School was mainly driven by three factors. Firstly, I felt that Ireland and Dublin would be interesting and inspiring and would help me to differentiate myself from other students who all seemed to choose the “same old” destinations for their management masters.

Secondly, the programme has an excellent reputation and was highly graded in relevant rankings. Thirdly, the programme would provide me with the level of international exposure that I wanted for my academic and professional career not only with the international residency week, but also by the various national backgrounds of the class members. There is always something to do in Dublin. The year flew by in no time."

Christine Ganser, MSc in Management
Nationality: American

"Studying for my MSc in Management at Trinity Business School was an experience of a lifetime. I owe a lot of credit to the Sport Changes Life foundation that brought me to Dublin to study, play basketball and coach underprivileged athletes. Through my year at Trinity, I learned an incredible amount about business, marketing and finance from the professors.

If you are coming from a non-business background, this programme is like no other as it brings students together from all around the world with different cultures and academic viewpoints. I continue to use the skills I gained from the business school in my everyday life and feel privileged to have studied at an elite institution."

Thomas Deckers, MSc in International Management
Nationality: Belgian
Current Employment: Management Trainee, Danone, Brussels

"Choosing the MSc in International Management at Trinity Business School, as opposed to other prestigious business schools, has been one of the best choices I made both academically and professionally. The academic history of Trinity and the countless clubs and societies on campus allows all students to combine very high academic standards with impressive athletic standards.

Trinity Business School helped me find the job of my dreams as early as January and make long lasting friendships both in my course as with students from different clubs. The student involvement in extra-curricular activities is incredibly high, which might explain why the college scores well in employer desirability rankings. The combination of the taught hard skills and the soft skills acquired through all these extra-curriculars help explain the incredible brand recognition Trinity enjoys globally.

It gave me a lot of satisfaction to win medals for Trinity both at Sailing and Judo events, which proves how varsity sports has a central place in Trinity and how it is possible to combine sports with a high academic workload."