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Hear From Our Graduates

Alumni Spotlight - Rukmani Mohindra

Andrew J. Chwalik, MSc in Marketing Graduate
Current employment: Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer for the First Rendezvous, Ohio

"Get to know your masters cohort. You spend a bunch of time together in the classroom, supplement that with some fun activities outside of class and you’ll build friendships that will last a lifetime. Join a few of the various societies on campus. Trinity offers a nearly unlimited amount of societies ranging from hiking to finance. Find some that interest you and become an active member, it makes for a full 'grad school experience'. Attend as many events as you can, those hosted by Trinity and those around Dublin. You get the ability to network with some of the greatest minds while learning about something new. Here’s my “must attend list”: Gradstonbury, Dublin Tech Summit, Trinity Ball, Christmas Commons, St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The best thing about being a student at Trinity Business School, besides the extraordinary students, is the high quality educational experience. Every professor has their own experience in a relevant field and utilize their knowledge to teach a specific subject. You get real world experience blended with a nice amount of theory. I couldn’t be happier with the teaching style and diversity of the instructors. Top shelf!

The highlight of the program for me was being able to study a subject I love with so many other bright, young minds that shared in my passion. My classmates came from all over the world and it was amazing working together to develop solutions for current industry problems.

Felix Pfander, MSc in Marketing Graduate
Current employment: Marketing & Sales Consultant with Sdox, Stuttgart

"Make friends with students from other programs. It will enrich your time and is extremely valuable for the future. Although, your program might just be one year you should enter a society or club. Trinity offers many of them. Take the electives you are interested in, not the ones you think “fit to your profile”. It will be a challenging experience but you should enjoy it.

I really liked the family feeling in Trinity Business School. You are part of one the best universities in the world, with great history and thousands of students from all over the globe. The atmosphere encourages you to work harder and go beyond."

Rukmani Mohindra, MSc in Marketing Graduate
Current employment: Marketing Manager, EMEA, Clio - Legal Practice Management Software, Dublin

"Ireland being one of the fastest growing economies, gave me immense opportunities to attend the top notch European Tech and Business events. The networking and learning opportunities are tremendous especially as a Trinity student and I would advise to make the most of it. I had a chance to explore my passion in FinTech and Marketing and open my mind to the industry under the guidance of my professors. The faculty is approachable and are veterans in their fields so, I would advise to seek guidance.

I had an experience of a lifetime at Trinity Business School. The business students came from all over the world. Thus, I experienced diversity in terms of culture, language, experience and business etiquettes. Every day at Trinity Business School encouraged me to push myself beyond my limits.

The programme provided me with a practical experience of working on Marketing projects. I had an amazing time during the discussions in the class, solving complex problems during group assignments and researching for individual assignments. The modules in the Marketing programme are a great blend of the traditional and digital marketing areas that has provided me with skills and confidence to succeed in the corporate environment."

Samantha Hume, MSc in Marketing Graduate
Current employment: Account Coordinator for Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto

"Take full advantage of the services available to you! There are some wonderful opportunities provided by Trinity Business School that take place outside of the classroom, such as guest lecturers and various workshops put on by the careers team throughout the year. Taking advantage of these events or even booking a one-on-one meeting with the career advisor is not just for students who are already starting to look for employment. Even if you are unsure about your next step after your Masters, this is a great place to start and collect information. Using these services allowed me to learn more about myself and about what opportunities are out there in the field of marketing. Be open to trying new things. As an international student, moving to a new country can be overwhelming. Attending the orientation events, signing up for different societies, or even suggesting going for a coffee or lunch with a few peers is a great way to make new connections and get yourself adjusted to life at Trinity and in Dublin.

Do not be afraid to seek help when you need it. The professors are there to help and they only want to see you succeed. If you have a question about the course material or would like feedback on an assignment, then you should ask for it. The modules move at a quick pace, meaning it is important you feel comfortable with the material. Even reaching out to peers can be a great place to start! Sometimes you will find they have questions too that you may be able to help answer.

The best thing about being a student at Trinity Business School is the community of professors, staff, and students. It is a small community, which means you will see familiar faces every day. The professors and staff are always happy to chat with you outside of the classroom and you will become fast friends with your fellow students. By the end of the year, it truly felt like a community, and the connections you make are certain to last a lifetime.

A second perk is the location! Trinity Business School is located in the heart of the city and is very close to by big-name businesses, such as Facebook and Google. That being said, the school is also situated close to Grafton street, which is always full of life. 

The highlight of the program for me was the opportunity to learn from a breadth of marketing fields. The curriculum allowed me to test my abilities across a range of marketing activities such as analytics, brand strategy, and digital marketing. Not only was I able to challenge myself in new ways, but this helped me to narrow down my interests, allowing me to leave with a clearer idea of what I was most passionate about. Another highlight was the team-oriented projects. Group work presents a new challenge, as you must adjust to others’ personalities, strengths, and weaknesses to resolve a problem. Team work also provides a great opportunity to learn about your own abilities and to meet new people in your program. Some of my closest friends came from my first group project!"

Caitlin Leyendecker, MSc in Marketing Graduate

"The best thing about being a student at Trinity Business School is having professors that teach you more than just the academic content, but provide you with skills for your professional life and career.

The highlight of this program was definitely all of the international friendships I made throughout the year. Our program had an eclectic mix of individuals and everyone brought something different to the table. The international backgrounds of my peers taught me more about communication and culture than I could have ever expected."