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Hear From Our Graduates

Alumni Spotlight - Zoe Pedulla
Alumni Spotlight - Darren Shawn Vermaak

Varun Reddy, MSc in Human Resource Management Graduate           

Digital Recruiter at Next Generation Recruitment, Dublin                                         

“The MSc in Human Resource Management course is very well designed to get students from diverse educational backgrounds on board without any hassle. Being from an urban planning background, my anxiety about the field change was totally eliminated by the smooth transition. The overall quality of education is excellent and as a Trinity student, I was able to expand my professional network beyond my expectations.

The college offers a plethora of opportunities to make an impact on society and I made full use of it for an ultimate sense of fulfilment along with the quality academic and practical knowledge. The diverse class welcomed me with warmth. All the modules are tailored as per the current industry requirements and the outstanding professors delivered it in a brilliant manner. Company trips organised as a part of this course was another great opportunity for me to acquire practical industry insights and reflect on my learnings.

Trinity has been an experience of a lifetime and so were all the personal and professional relationships developed during this journey. The new environment and education system can be overwhelming at times, but my suggestion is to plan efficiently and stay composed for the best results that Trinity has to offer at the end.”

Darren Shawn Vermaak, MSc in Human Resource Management Graduate                                                    

“Ask yourself the question: Why do you want to study at this university? I decided to do my Master's degree at Trinity because of the effect Trinity has on people. We want the world, we have the name, and we are willing to work. We constantly ask questions. We challenge the status quo and force ourselves to think critically. We are not studying here because we have to; we are studying here because we want to. My advice for anybody would be to make the most of where you are and why be anywhere else if you could be at Trinity?

Last year September I had the unique privilege to enrol in the M.Sc. HRM programme at Trinity Business School. Trinity Business School is one of the most prestigious and globally recognised business schools in the world. The M.Sc. HRM programme offered me many opportunities to develop my intellectual knowledge on the corporate world. 

My overall study experience at Trinity Business School was greatly influenced by how international the school's community is. I had the honour of meeting like-minded intellectual students from different countries who also strive to develop their academic knowledge. I noted that our class was a huge asset during seminars and discussions because of our diverse backgrounds. In addition, the university is seriously focused on helping students get where they want to go after they graduate. The career service is excellent, and if a student is interested in academia, all the professors are willing to help with giving advice on how to start an academic career. 

In conclusion, the highlight of the programme for me was to visit and network with international companies like Grant Thornton and Microsoft. Our course offers an opportunity for students to tour esteemed companies and work together in teams on company projects. We also gained first-hand knowledge from leading HR professionals on modern HR trends. The world is resilient. But so are Trinity students.”