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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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Residency Weeks

The Trinity MBA offers candidates the opportunity to study in different locations, visiting top business schools worldwide. Now that business operates at an international level and competition is on a global scale, the Trinity MBA gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in different business environments and share an experience of a lifetime with your MBA class.


Belmullet Penninsula, County Mayo

The Trinity MBA kicks off with a unique induction week in County Mayo, Ireland. An entirely immersive and offline experience, you will begin your Leadership and Professional Development journey and forge bonds with your fellow classmates.


Leuven Institute, Belgium

Study in the heart of the European Union’s decision making capital. The module Negotiating for Value and master classes including International Relations and Cross Border Management, are held in the 400 year old Leuven Institute in Belgium.



Shanghai, China

Gain first-hand experience in one of the most important economies in the world. The module Management in Emerging Economies will be delivered in the prestigious Fudan University, Shanghai.

Cape Town, South Africa

Experience business in one of the largest economies in Africa, in two beautiful locations. The module Management and Sustainability is held in the Universities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch. Other events include meeting entrepreneurs in local townships, visiting fair trade communities, local artisans and non-profit businesses who focus on sustainability and have overcome many challenges.