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Executive MBA Social Entreprise Projects

The Social Enterprise Project (SEP) provides an opportunity for MBA teams to apply their business skills and knowledge to a challenge faced by a Social Enterprise (SE).  As part of the SEP, students learn about some of the unique challenges facing social purpose organisations. They gain a deeper insight into the opportunities and limitations for companies when they prioritise a social or environmental mission.  The SEP is designed to be mutually beneficial, as the SE benefits from the report and presentation produced by the teams.

Axis Arts Centre

This project involves an arts and community centre in Ballymun, Dublin, with a theatre, gallery, art room, dance studio, café, creche and conference centre.  This project will address one of the strategic needs of Axis, either in terms of audience development, strategic planning or marketing. The team will work with Arts Development Manager, Emma Connors, to create and deliver this project.  (Team 1)


This is an impact measurement project for CRANN Support Group, a social enterprise that provides business supports to community and voluntary organisations working locally, primarily in the area of childcare in County Meath. (Team 8)

Keep Appy

This company is a digital social innovation that helps people support their own mental wellness. Keep Appy has been very successful in developing and launching its B2C initiative. This MBA project will help develop a B2B initiative that remains consistent with Keep Appy’s values and commitment to its users’ wellbeing. (Team 2)

Mendicity Institute

This is the oldest charity in Ireland and has been feeding Dublin’s homeless for 200 years. They have recently developed a social enterprise initiative that empowers their users through employment to create metal and wood products from upcycled materials that are available for sale. This project will propose ways for Mendicity to increase its public image, and increase its revenue stream, using marketing and sales techniques. (Team 7)


This is a platform that makes mental health counselling accessible for thousands of people each year (20,000 unique appointments in 2018) in several languages. This project will support MyMind to promote its unique offering through a new marketing and communications strategy. (Team 4)

Smart Dublin

There are over 100 digital businesses under the umbrella of Smart Cities Dublin, that improve traffic, safety and other aspects of living in Dublin.  The MBA project will research and create an overarching vision for this work that will capture the impact, benefits and aspirations of those involved. (Team 5)


This is an Irish nonprofit that empowers children through literacy education, and provides volunteer experiences in Ireland, India, Zambia and Kenia. This project addresses the challenge of securing unrestricted funding; Suas is looking for some new ideas to strategically improve their fundraising efforts.  (Team 3)

We Make Good

We Make Goodis a retail platform that sells products made by social enterprises, through online shop and pop up shops. This project consists of creating a new wholesale offering to businesses that would provide them with SE-made products. (Team 6)

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