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Harsha Wadhwa


Current Role: Risk Innovation Analyst with Bank of Ireland

Nationality: Indian



Why the Trinity MBA?

I chose Trinity over any other college in Ireland because of its higher international ranking, positive alumni reviews and a promising outlook of experienced professors. Trinity College Dublin is Ireland's most prestigious university- fact. So it was my first pick.  Dublin is headquarters to premium technology giants such as Amazon, Google, Paypal, Microsoft to name a few. After Brexit, Dublin is the next best city that promises the same eco-political landscape. Also, a post-graduate student gets a two-year stay back after studies for job search. For these reasons, I chose Ireland for my MBA and I wanted to part of the most prestigious institution in the country. Trinity was the answer. 

Sum up the Trinity MBA experience and culture in a single word

Interacting with diverse minds challenged my thought processes, driving new ways of thinking. The LEAD module was instrumental in highlighting the significance of learning by retrospection and reflexive analysis, adding a whole new dimension to self-knowledge.    

What’s the most important skill you’ve taken away from Trinity?

Designing a win-win. It was interesting to reflect on how all the modules cooperated together to make me better at analyzing a situation, figuring out the interest of all the parties and designing a solution that fits at least one need of each party. 

How did the international residency weeks impact you?

In April we went to Leuven, Belgium for the Negotiation for Value module. The highlight of the programme was the opportunity to work with highly experienced working professionals on Harvard based real-world problems. It was an extremely dynamic set-up because we were grouped with new faces in every challenge, leaving not much time to know people, and were tasked to design innovative solutions under time pressure. 

What was the value of the company projects for you?

I understood the importance of having a common goal in order to achieve a target. The company project to me was all about understanding the team dynamics at greater depth. We had a dedicated team coach all through the company project term which was a great help. 

Any advice for future students?

1)  Trust the process.
2)  Participate! Give your 100% in every class. Be yourself, there is a reason you have been selected. Bring your true self to the table.
3)  Have quality conversations with as many students as possible even if it means pushing your comfort zone.