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Arjun Ghosh


Current Position: Business Consultant

Nationality: Indian



Why the Trinity MBA?

I arrived at the decision to join the Trinity MBA as it is arguably the best programme in a growing economy. Additionally, being a one year course and considering  the overall offering, it is one of the best options in terms of value for money.  

Sum up the Trinity MBA experience and culture in a single word.

Intense experience in a global diverse setting.

What value does the diversity of background give in the Trinity MBA?

Peer learning is an important part of the MBA with a large part of the work being executed in teams. Diversity brings experts from a wide range of fields under one roof, making peer learning from such different points of view all the more richer.

What’s the most important skill you’ve taken away from Trinity?

Strategic consulting.

How did the international residency weeks impact you?

Was both hectic and enjoyable. The residency week in Belgium is applicable for everyone and is a very well executed class. Entrepreneurial finance in Dublin was the highlight of the course, and was extremely demanding, but after the course you emerge better equipped to understand and address financial problems.

What was the value of the company projects for you?

The company project, although non ideal in design, gives students a platform to test out their recent MBA leanings in a safe environment. Looking back it has contributed to my confidence and ability to diagnose a business and bring about improvements.

How does the campus add to the experience?

The infrastructure available allows students to pursue interests and hobbies outside the classroom. Interested individuals would not find it difficult to pursue a sport of choice.

Any advice for future students?

Work within yourself, but be consistent from day one right to the end. Additionally, focus on building a network with the EMBAs, professors,  and Alumni, as this will be more than handy while hunting for jobs. One has to be proactive regarding the job search, because one does not find work by simply going through the motions.