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Trinity MBA Company Projects

As part of this module, you will undertake 3 projects that focus on complex strategic issues in real organisations. Unlike other MBA’s, you will be fully deployed in one of the 45 companies that have chosen to work exclusively with Trinity.

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The Social Entrepreneurship Project

Address a specific issue with the social entrepreneur and engage in a reciprocal learning relationship. A common theme across this project is to find a solution within a set timeframe, with little or no financial resources. This project provides a valuable opportunity to apply your strategic management skills with an NGO or social enterprise.

The SME Growth Project

Work with high potential SMEs that are finding it difficult to scale internationally. You will analyse the problem, identify a solution and detail its implementation within a restricted period of time. This project will hone your communication skills and time management capabilities within a high-pressure environment.

The Strategic Company Project

Deliver a complete strategic overview to the senior management team of a blue chip multinational company of significant scale. Trinity MBA consultancy teams perform a full strategic audit of their assigned company and identify a key area for further analysis. Delivered over four stages, this project results in a formal presentation to the CEO and senior executives to present your findings, recommendations and implementation plans.


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