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Ricky Rose, Entrepreneur and Filmmaker






Ricky Rose is an entrepreneur and filmmaker based in Dublin, Ireland and Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Rickey was guided by industry leading directors, cinematographers, and editors at the prestigious Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts. Ricky's background has covered a span of independent and studio roles from working on the feature length documentary, Kids for Cash with Academy Award winning producer, Robert May, to a stint at the renowned production house, Digital Domain. Ricky went on to co-found Rose Transmedia, a creative production house that specializes in film content and marketing for the music industry.

With a further passion for startups, Ricky served in marketing and operational capacities at the industrial b2b e-commerce pioneer, The PSC Online Stores. He honed his business skills further with an MBA from Trinity College where he had the opportunity to consult for the multi-national Swedish Telecom, Ericsson on IOT solutions in the agricultural space. Ricky went on to start-up international subsidiaries in Ireland for Petroleum Service Company and Mountain Productions Inc., the largest staging company in North America, and serves on the board of directors for both organisations.

His initial success in developing business and supplier relationships has poised both companies for future international expansion. His skill set has led him through an eclectric range of experiences across the entertainment and business worlds from film and music production to e-commerce and traditional industrial operations. Ricky enjoys blending his dual passions for creativity and business, which he believes should never be mutually exclusive.