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Jillian Godsil, Journalist

A former graduate of Trinity College, Jillian Godsil travelled the world with her career, working in London, Sydney and Singapore before returning home. She was PRO for Iona Technologies during its IPO and then formed her own PR company, operating mostly in the IT sector. She also became an IT and business journalist. Ten years ago, divorce and the recession ravaged her life. She made a video to sell her home and it and she went viral.

The banks repossessed her home, her business failed and bailiffs called to her door. She became the first female bankrupt under the Insolvency laws. She then proceeded to change the law to allow bankrupts to run for public office, bringing the Irish Government to the High Court and then the Supreme Court successfully claiming her constitutional rights had been infringed. She then ran in the European Parliament Elections of 2014 on an independent, anti-austerity ticket, earning 11,500 votes. Post-election she studied a masters in screenwriting.

In 2017 she discovered blockchain and a worldview that fitted hers. She is the senior reporter for, is involved in a number of ICOs, has interviewed some of the most influential people in Blockchain across the world and speaks regularly on the topic, having recently returned from Kiev last month from the world's first blockchain Fashion Week.