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Trinity Global Business Forum 2020

Trinity Business + Technology Forum 2020

Our annual event brings the Trinity Business and Technology communities together to tackle the issues facing business, as well as to network, explore new technology and make things happen.

Borderless Business

Climate – Digital – Finance - New Europe

The new world of business is increasingly making national borders irrelevant:

  • Digital technology creates instantaneous global market places.  
  • Freelance and flexible organisations enabled by digital platforms and new workforce models promote remote cross-border trade in professional services that previously would necessitate migration. 
  • Social media pays no heed to borders as it facilitates international social movements drawn together by common beliefs, purpose and preferences.   
  • The consequences of the climate emergency respects no borders – whether we deny its existence or not!  
  • Meanwhile long standing national border configurations, many lasting back to genesis of what is now the European Union, are being challenged and redrawn with the rise of nationalism. 

While many small open economies such as Ireland have a long history of not being insulated by their own borders, the current technological, ecological and socio-political pace of change is sufficiently rapid and disruptive to cause a reconfiguration of many the norms of business. The 2020 Trinity Business and Technology Forum draws on both university and industry experts who through engagement with the audience will explore these new forces of change, assesses their impact and identify their consequences for managers, business and society.  

Join us on March 4th, 2020 as we look at Borderless Business.

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