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Brand Management Excellence


Dates: TBC

Duration: 3 days

Schedule: 9am – 5.30pm

Format: in person

Location: Dublin

Tuition Fees: €2,500

Who is this programme designed for?

This course is for senior business decision makers (marketing and non-marketing professionals) who need to understand how brands are created, protected, extended, and managed to compete effectively and grow with greater profitability. Any executive who needs to understand this essential element of a company’s business strategy is encouraged to partake in this course.

What does the programme in Brand Excellence Management offer to participants?

· Better use of existing brand assets to improve competitive capabilities, both for local and global markets

· Understanding and implementing the language of brands and brand management to more effectively collaborate with branding practitioners

· Learn the latest brand value measurement concepts and techniques


Brand helps your customers and other key stakeholders to understand who you are and what they can expect from you. Brands permeate modern economies and are one of the most complex and exciting areas in business. Strong brands are one of a company’s most valuable assets, so effective brand management is crucial to long-term organisational success, particularly in this digital era.

Brand Management Excellence positions brand as a central part of business strategy. This course explores the measurement of brand value and brand’s role in organisations in the context of transformation.


• Understanding Brands

• Valuing Brands

• Measuring Brand Equity

• Competing with Brand

• Brand Strategy

• Strategic Brand Management

• Brands and Culture

• Brand Behaviour

• Internal Branding

• Brand Communications and Engagement