Date: 07 Mar - 07 Mar 2024
Time: 13:00 - 18:30
Venue: Trinity Business School

SustainAIbility: Climate Change and AI; Implications for Business and Society

Trinity Business Forum - Trinity Business School | Trinity College Dublin (

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in a critical conversation on how AI and climate change are reshaping business and society. Be part of Trinity Business Forum 2024, where we confront these challenges and seek sustainable solutions together.

A fireside chat with Prof. Andrew J. Hoffman promises to offer an enlightening perspective on the intersection of business and environmental sustainability.

Karen Ellis from WWF UK will lead a session on 'What is the nature-positive economy and why should we care?', highlighting the shift towards an environmentally friendly economy. 

We will explore how AI is revolutionizing sustainability in the session ‘Ensuring Sustainability in an Age of AI’. Discover cutting-edge financial strategies in ‘Innovations in Sustainable Finance’, demonstrating how finance can drive environmental sustainability.

We will also dive into the complexities of implementing sustainable practices in the ‘Striking the Right Balance: Trade-offs and Evaluation in Sustainable Practices’ session.

Concluding with a dialogue by Mick Costigan of Salesforce Futures, we will discuss the future interplay between business, education, AI, and sustainability.

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