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Our Recent Graduates





Ahmed, Farhad Uddin

International Business – The emergence of born global firms: A least-developed country perspective.

Brennan, Louis

Al-Nasser, Zahra

Accounting & Corporate Governance – Investigation of corporate governance structure on earnings quality in GCC countries.

Jayasekera, Ranadeva

Beere, Rosalind

Industry Evolution & Franchising – a study of the impact of franchising on evolving industry structure.

Quinn, James

Bolger, Paula

Finance & Corporate Governance – Financial statement fraud: The impact of social status, gender diversity and managerial hubris.

Sevic, Aleksandar

Brawn, Derek

Finance – An investigation into estimating the prospective equity risk premium based upon the historical experience of changing demographics, inflation & investment grade credit spreads.

Sevic, Aleksandar

Burke, Anne

Strategy & Information Technology – An exploration of the factors that impede the process of aligning business and IS Strategies in public service organizations.

McDonagh, Joe
Cannon, Brendan

Government Policy – An exploration of what policy initiatives are required to develop a knowledge-based economy in Ireland?

Brennan, Louis

Cannon, Sheila

Organisation Theory – Organisational identity work and deinstitutionalisation in Irish peacebuilding organisations.


Chadha, Pearlean

International Finance – An investigation into the changing benefits of international portfolio diversification in the UK and Japan.

Berrill, Jenny


Organization Behaviour – Extending the Job Demand-Resource model (JD-R model) of Work Engagement.

Fellenz, Martin


Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations – An investigation of the manifestation and impact of industrial relations conflict in Irish hospitals.

Keating, Mary

Dempsey, Brian

Organizational Change & Information Systems – An exploration of the role of Chief Information Officers during the process of information systems failure.

McDonagh, Joe

Dreyer-Gibney, Katrin

New Service Development – New Service Development in the Publicly Funded University: Overcoming Barriers and Developing Enablers.

Coughlan, Paul; Coghlan, David

Fitzgerald, Keith

International Finance – An investigation into the benefits of industrial versus international portfolio diversification for developed and emerging markets, in periods of crisis and non-crisis.

Berrill, Jenny


Organization Theory – Institutional logics and field-level change processes.

Donnelly-Cox, Gemma

Corporate Finance – The determinants of IPO withdrawal and the chance to return successfully.


Strategy & Information Systems – An Exploration as to how the alignment of business and information systems strategies is practiced by information systems managers in public service organisations.

McDonagh, Joe


Strategy & Information Systems – An exploration of the practice of strategic IS planning by senior managers in public service organisations.

McDonagh, Joe

Kennedy, James

Innovation – An evaluation of the Knowledge Development Box in the promotion and growth of research and development to aid in the sustainment of an innovation led ecosystem.

Barry, Frank
Khadir-Poggi, Yasmina

Knowledge management – Towards a dynamic knowledge based theory of the firm: an activity theory perspective.

Keating, Mary


Marketing & Performance Measurement – An exploration of the role of and managerial use of metrics as data lenses: a study of marketing metrics and financial metrics use within the tourism sector.

Brady, Mairead

International Finance – The role of statistical arbitrage in selecting portfolios of precious metals.
Jenny & Sevic, Aleksandar
International Finance – The role of precious metals as safe havens and as “flight to safety” assets.



Engineering & Product Development – Collaborative, open-innovation for the development of a micro-hydropower turbine to recover energy for water distribution networks: design, assessment and product development.

McNabola, Aonghus &


International Business – An exploration of client-supplier relationship dynamics in Business Process Outsourcing.

Brennan, Louis


Organisational Behaviour – An investigation into exploration and exploitation related behaviours and activities for team-level innovations.

Fellenz, Martin


Industry Evolution & Branding – A study of the impact of brands and branding on evolving industry structure.

Quinn, James

Mullen, Cormac

International Finance – An exploration of the role that firm-level geographic sales analysis can play in international portfolio diversification.

Berrill, Jenny

Neville, Conor

International Finance – Analysing the impact and role of capital structure on financial performance.

Lucey, Brian

O’Connor, Fergal

International Finance – A Behavioural and non-behavioural analysis of the London Gold Market.

Lucey, Brian

O’Hagan, Luff,

International Finance – An investigation into the benefits of indirect international portfolio diversification via multinational companies, closed-end country funds, American depository receipts, iShares and industry indices.

Berrill, Jenny

O’Mahony, Clare

International Business – Measuring foreign direct investment.

Barry, Frank

O'Toole, Kathleen

Organization Development & Change – Managing change in a national police force: An action research project.

Coghlan, David
Pande, Nivedita

International Finance - International diversification and momentum trading strategies.

Berrill, Jenny
Sarhan, Mohammad

Strategy & Information Technology – An exploration of the role of Chief Information Officers in aligning organizational and information systems strategies in public service organizations.

McDonagh, Joe

Saxena, Deepak

Information Systems & Organization Change – Key Factors and Underlying Mechanisms for the Enterprise Systems Lifecycle in Public Service Organisation: Case Study of an Irish PSO.

McDonagh, Joe
Vigne, Samuel International Finance - The behaviour of the Gold Price during extreme market movements.

Lucey, Brian
Weir, Stephen

Public Management & Public Policy – Policy changes in Ireland: applying punctuated equilibrium theory.

Rhodes, Mary-Lee
Wolf, Frauke

Organization Culture and Innovation – An exploration of the impact of organisational culture on innovation in multinational ICT companies.

Brennan, Louis

Zamani, Farhoodeh

Marketing and Digital Technology – Understanding social media data utilization in marketing decision-making.

Brady, Mairead