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Current Research Students

Acinas, Victor Brennan, Louis

International Business – An investigation of the factors that shape inter-organisational collaboration in international research and innovation.

Austmann, Leonhard


Green Finance – An investigation of macroeconomic and sustainable drivers of the electric vehicle market

Bayounes, Mohammed

Di Pietro, Francesca

Finance and Strategy – How can VC accelerate national economic diversification and strengthen local industries in Saudi Arabia.

Bevza, Irina

Luff-O’Hagan, Martha

International Finance – Passive investing and corporate governance: Review of existing theories and evidence from the US, Europe and Japan.

Byrne, Danielle Donnelly-Cox, Gemma

Social Entrepreneurship – Social entrepreneurship in Irish state-funded third sector organizations: An examination of the nature of social entrepreneurship at the nexus of state, market and third sectors.

Cahill, Declan Donnelly-Cox, Gemma

Management & Religion: An ethnographic case study of a Catholic Religious Order, exploring the relationship between what they do and the institutional contexts and influences in which their organisations operate. Conceptualisations of managerial work and institutional logics will be employed.

Chandrasena, Supun

Jayasekera, Ranadeva

International Finance - A study on the role of national culture in financial decision-making across countries.


Buciuni, Giulio
Ryan, Paul

Entrepreneurship – The impact of globalisation on Ireland and South Korea: A comparative analysis from an entrepreneurial ecosystem perspective.


Cannon, Sheila

Public Value – Measuring value in the Irish public sector.

Dempsey-Brench, Kiera

Shantz, Amanda

HR and Corporate Responsibility – A study on skills-based volunteering, investigating giving and gaining skills within volunteer programs and the learning and transfer mechanisms employed.

Devlin, Anna

Barry, Frank
Dolan, Anne

Business History – Economic and business policy debates pre-independence.

Doyle, Cillian

Stewart, James

Finance – An analysis of the effectiveness of Section 110 (TCA 1997) and the IFSC.

Dunlea, Davin

McDonagh, Joe

Strategy & Change – Overcoming impediments to strategy implementation: A middle management perspective.

Flynn, David

Sevic,  Aleksandar

Sustainability in Investment Management - The study of sustainability as a business model, as an asset allocation style, and as a non-financial objective.

Foley, Conor

Muzellec, Laurent

Digital Business Models – An investigation into how start-up companies achieve network effects on multi-sided platforms.

Gavorskis, Giselle

Jayasekera, Ranadeva

Finance – State-contingent claim approach to measure the full value-effect of some events.

Griep, Lisa-Marie

Luff-O’Hagan, Martha

Finance - An empirical investigation into the effect of green bonds issuance on other traded financial assets.

Grouse, Fiona

Browne, Sarah Social Marketing – Obesity: Perception and Reality.

Han, Xu

Laing, Elaine

Risk Management & Corporate Governance – The Impact of Corporate Governance and Corporate Culture on Commodity Risk Management.

Hearne, Allison Barry, Frank

International Business / Development – International influences on the emergence of Ireland’s export-oriented foreign direct investment strategy in the 1950s.

Heinz, Sarah

Vigne, Samuel

Finance – Debunking the Myth of Unicorns: Capital Raising in the 21st Century.

Jia, Weihan

Huang, Yufei

Operations Management  – Impact of consumer complaints on time to recall: an empirical  investigation in the US automobile industry.

Johar, Chetna

Dimitriu, Radu

Marketing: An investigation of consumer experience towards chatbots in the context of luxury brands.

Kavanagh, Shirley

Shantz, Amanda

Strategic Human Resource Management – An investigation into line manager sense-making and sense-giving during implementation of HR practices.

Kearney, Claire Lucey, Brian

International Finance – An investigation into the behaviour of equity and sovereign bond markets and their linkage through time.

Kennedy, Sara

Muzellec, Laurent

Social Media Marketing and Consumer Behaviour – A comparative study exploring the credibility characteristics of various social media influencers and their influence in driving purchase intention.

Knell, Laurence

Fu, Na

Innovation – An evaluation of the strategies for managing failure utilised by successful innovation teams.

Kou, Xuan

Pak, Jongwook

Strategic HRM – The devolution of HR to the line and its impact on the implementation effectiveness and organisational outcomes.

Kurdi Nakra, Hussein

Pak, Jongwook

Strategic HRM – The devolution of HR to the line and its impact on the implementation effectiveness and organisational outcomes.

Kuzucu, Cenk

McDonagh, Joe

Strategy & Change – Aligning strategy and information technology: The case of cognitive solutions.

Lerro, Axel

Jayasekera, Ranadeva

Corporate finance – Capital structure implications of innovation in bank-based system.

Liu, Teng

Pak, Jongwook

Organizational Behaviour – How ambidextrous leadership improves employee work performance, a perspective from individual psychology.

Lowndes, Neil

Fu, Na

Digital Transformation – Exploring the relationships between people, process, technology and organisational performance.

Lu, Yi-Chen

Brennan, Louis

International Political Economy – State capitalism in China and its influence on the EU’s industrial policies.

Luo, Tianqi

Jayasekera, Ranadeva

Finance – High-dimensional and time-varying risk connectedness between financial markets.

Lynch, Benjamin

O’Hagan-Luff, Martha

International Finance – An examination of the relationship between a firm's cost of capital, environmental performance and environmental disclosure.

Mahoney, Christine

Fellenz, Martin

Organisational Behaviour – The role of narrative editing and storytelling in leadership development among community.
Martin, Thomas Berrill, Jenny

International Finance – An investigation into changing patterns of firm level multi-nationality.

McCartney, Steven

Fu, Na

Human Resource Management – HR analytics and their impact on firm performance.


Rhodes, Mary Lee

Public management – Defining and measuring the impact of local authority policies and programmes aimed at stimulating nature-based innovation and entrepreneurship.

Murphy, Cillian

Fellenz, Martin

Organisational Behaviour – The role of engagement for health-service employees and patients/clients.

Nezamivand, Monireh

Brady, Mairead

Marketing Management - An investigation into the role of Artificial Intelligence within marketing management focusing on future impacts, challenges, and the resultant reshaping of marketing management practices.


Muzellec, Laurent

Digital Marketing & Consumer Behaviour - Effects of exposure to online advertisements on consumer attitudes, behaviour and brand perceptions.

O’Riordan, Niall

Ryan, Paul

Strategy – Cross-national initiative-taking and knowledge creation: How a host subsidiary management team’s national culture affects its innovation, capabilities and differential performance across the MNE organisation?

Oliver, Emmet


Business History and Economic Policy – Company-Level History of the Evolution of the Irish Services Sector, 1922 to 1958.

Pajdzik, Urszula

Fu, Na

Human Resource Management – Putting people back in the equation: Exploring the ability of accountants for strategic thinking.

Qi, Chenyue

Liang, Xiaoning

Strategic Marketing – An investigation into the impact of open innovation on agility and business performance.

Ren, Boru

Lucey, Brian

Finance - Financial forecasting based on textual analysis of news: A machine learning approach.

Rizvi, Ali


Entrepreneurship – Assessing the role of FDIs in the creation of an indigenous entrepreneurial ecosystem: A comparative analysis on the tech sector - evidence from the Irish and Indian tech sectors.

Roe, Amanda

Cullinane, Sarah-Jane

Employee wellbeing – An analysis of Wellness Programmes – What is the correct implementation of a wellness programme?   

Rossovski, Jacqueline

Lucey, Brian &
Vigne,  Sam

Finance – Rethinking IPO Failure - Is Pulling Out Better Than Leaving Money On The Table?

Roy, Promit

Huang, Yufei

Healthcare Operations and Strategy – Study of the shift in strategies due to digitalization and innovation in healthcare management and the impact on patient safety and market access globally.

Sawitri, Kadek Ade

Brennan, Louis

Foreign Direct Investment – Study of investment development path in Indonesia.


Burke, Andrew  &
Di Pietro, Francesca

Alternative Finance – Blockchain-Based Bond Issues and the Success of Digital Funding as a Function of Agents’ Choices.

Shannon, Sinead

Rhodes, Mary-Lee

Collaborative Networks in Public Management – An investigation into the impact of antecedent and contextual factors on the effectiveness of collaborative networks.

Sinz, Sören

McDonagh, Joe

Strategy & Change - Tracing the co-evolution of business and IS strategies over time: A dialogical enquiry into the process of change.

Speidel, Alexander

Vigne, Samuel

International Business / Finance – Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment.

Tang, Kaiye

Jain, Tanusree

Business Ethics – Unpacking Corporate Irresponsibility: A View From the Top.

Walsh, Natalie

Ryan, Paul

Entrepreneurship – An exploration of the role identity of entrepreneurial academics in Irish Higher Education Institutes.

Wang, Yizhi

Vigne, Samuel &
Di Pietro,  Francesca

Finance – Risk Prediction & Business Model Optimisation of Peer-to-Peer Lending in China.

Wang, Han

Laing, Elaine

Finance - Examining the impact of board structure on the corporate social responsibility and risk management of multinational corporations.

Wylie, Niamh

Luff-O’Hagan, Martha

International Finance - An empirical study to investigate the relationship between unconventional monetary policy by central banks and retail consumer appetite towards cryptocurrency.

Xie, Jiangtao

Jain, Tanusree

Corporate Social Responsibility - An exploration of micro-foundations of corporate social responsibility.

Ye, Junchi

Huang, Yufei

Operations Management – Data-driven auction Design and optimisation in online display advertising in terms of strategic advertiser behaviour.

Zhaf, Marjan

Lucey, Brian

International Finance – Gold and Silver as indicators of inflation or deflation.

Zhang, Xianwu

Fu, Na

Human Resource Management – An explorative study of HRM alignment and flexibility between head offices and branches in China’s law firms.

Zhao, Neng

Berrill, Jenny

International Finance – An in-depth investigation into stock level liquidity.