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Bridget Flanigan

PhD Student



Bridget recently joined the Ahearne lab in August 2018 as a research assistant.  She completed her Bachelors of Engineering in Bioengineering from the University of Sheffield.  During this degree she specialised in Tissue Engineering and completed her final year research project on corneal tissue engineering specifically the impact of microfabricated stem cell niches on fibroblast and epithelial cell-cell communication.  She then completed a more materials engineering focused M Sc in Biomedical Engineering at the Ulster University in NIBCE.  During this masters the area of research was surface coatings for metal on bone implants, she completed a 12 month research project on the physical and chemical effects of Sr and Mg doping and co-doping of calcium carbonate coatings in a simulated body fluid study.  Bridget then worked for two years in regulatory affairs before deciding to return to research.  As part of the Ahearne lab she hopes to build on her previous experience in corneal tissue engineering and contribute to the exciting work coming out of the TCBE.