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Dr. Claire Conway

Dr. Claire Conway

StAR Research Lecturer, Department of Anatomy & Regenerative Medicine, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)

Research Areas

The Conway Lab seeks to understand role of structural interventions in heart disease treatment, with a particular focus on atherosclerosis and valvular calcification. Using finite element simulations, her team works to predict patient response to structural implants, paying particular attention to disease representation and the role of calcification in device failure. By designing sophisticated bench-top mechanical test-rigs, her team determines structural implant performance, validates computational predictions, and further advances our understanding of device performance with more realistic physiological boundary condition assessment for engineering analyses. The Conway lab’s research interests include: finite element analysis, cardiovascular biomechanics, medical implant design and performance, soft tissue-implant interactions, mechanical fatigue and damage mechanics.

Phone: +35314025094


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