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Debut Festival
Fragments 17 April

19 April

Cotton Fingers | National Theatre Wales

29 - 31 May

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Fragments: Festival of Neurosciences

Created by Jessie Keenan

17 April | 19:30

Fragments considers the imperfect and unstable nature of memory through an intricate and delicately nuanced new dance work. This intimate dance experience invites the audience and three captivating dancers into a strange and beautiful world of detailed movement, architectural physical forms, fractured video, and shifting soundscapes. With this work, Keenan asks the question: what can we hold on to as our memories alter or even disappear completely? 

Fragments has emerged from two years of research carried out by Keenan with scientists, dancers and family members inspired by childhood experiences of her grandfather’s dementia. This work premiered at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2018 where it was nominated for Best Design in the Dublin Fringe Festival Awards. 

Fragments is supported by Dublin City Council, Cavan County Council, Dance Ireland and Dublin Fringe Festival through the FRINGE LAB initiative. Developed with the support of Arts Council Ireland ‘Next Generation Bursary Award’ and presented as a work-in-progress at the Dublin Dance Festival 2018.

Tickets are free and are available to reserve now


Forgotten: Festival of Neurosciences

Created by Pat Kinevane & Fishamble

19 April | 19:00

Has no one a skitter o’ dignity left?’

A unique collage of Kabuki dance and Irish storytelling, Forgotten has been a huge international success for Fishamble during the past decade. It is a captivating portrayal of four elderly characters living in retirement homes around Ireland.

Tickets are free and are available to reserve now.


Cotton Fingers: National Theatre Wales
Written by Rachel Trezise
Directed by Julia Thomas

29 - 31st May | 19:30

Aoife is hungry and in need of something to do.
Cillian makes a mean cheese toastie.
As Aoife's boredom and hunger are satisfied by half an hour in Cilian’s bed, her life changes forever.

As social and political upheaval grips the country she loves, can Aoife regain control over her future?

Written by award-winning playwright Rachel Trezise at the time of the historic referendum of the 8th amendment in Ireland, Cotton Fingers takes us on journey from Belfast to Wales.

This bold coming of age story was originally commissioned as part of National Theatre Wales’ NHS70 Festival in July 2018, performed in Aberaeron, Ceredigion, and Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.

Tickets on sale Now

Tickets will be available on the door from 15:00 on performance days.


Pan Pan / Dublin Youth Theatre

The Sleepwalkers

22 - 27 July | 19:30

Directed by Gavin Quinn with Associate Director Sara Joyce
Designed by Aedín Cosgrove
Movement Direction by Aoife McAtamney
Music by Simon Kenny
Costumes by Ciara Fleming
Dramaturgy by Nicholas Johnson
Performed by members of Dublin Youth Theatre

“When I was young I used to sleepwalk, who am I kidding I still do.”

The Sleepwalkers is an original theatre project co-produced by Dublin Youth Theatre and Pan Pan. During an unknown natural catastrophe, nineteen members of DYT, who from now on will be known as the anonymous characters, find themselves trapped in a school gymnasium. Every time they try to leave and go outside, they fall asleep and wake up back where they started, back in the gymnasium, rehearsing the same scene from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible:

“Oh how hard it is when pretense falls! But it falls, it falls!
I am so alone in the world now.”

Terrified? You should be. Along the way they try to solve the world’s problems, just in case they ever wake up to find that the world still exists. Think classic horror movie plots, teenage angst, and the natural wisdom of the young, all given a voice that you can’t help listening to.

The performance will ask the question: what does it mean to be awake? Working collaboratively with members of DYT, a theatre performance will be created around the subjects/themes of technology, community and inequality, exploring a series of original texts and ideas generated by DYT members as well as found texts from The Tempest to The Crucible.

The Sleepwalkers is a leap into the void. Are we sleepwalking towards the Armageddon? Should we really fear the world changing?

Tickets on sale Now


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