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Alumni, Former Staff & friends- we seek your stories

Dear Alumni, Former Staff, and friends of the College,

I am inviting you to submit stories, comments, memories of art-related events, activities, the College Gallery picture hire scheme and pictures you hired, George Dawson, the Exhibitions Committee and the Berkeley Library Exhibition Hall, the early days of The Douglas Hyde Gallery, how your involvement may have impacted on you in later life, friendships you may have made through becoming involved with art, artists you may have met or become! Should you have any photographs to add, please attach or post to me.

Memory Archive

I am compiling an archive of stories of the people who have shaped the collection or simply just enjoyed it. If you submit a piece, please be aware that it might be used in full or extract form on the website.

Should there be a section of your submission that you would like to remain unpublished, as an archival note only ( please make this clear)

-Please be sure to send me a photograph of yourself as an attachment or posted to the address at the end of the email. Email attachments should be no larger than 5mb in total per email
-Please include the subject of your degree and the year you graduated
-If you are currently or formerly TCD staff, please let me know your title and discipline
-Please also send me your current title or position and institution if you are not part of TCD anymore



Post to:

The College Art Collections, Office of the Secretary, West Theatre, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland

Last updated 10 January 2018 (Email).