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We look after some 3,000 objects in up to 500 locations across the main and satellite campuses at any one time. 

The care, display, and development of these artworks has been centralised since 2007 under the newly created Art Collections Office, within the remit of the College Secretary's Office and the Provost's Directorate. 

One of the main concerns we have in an ever-expanding campus like ours is to keep note of where each artwork is for collections management and audit purposes.

We also need to ensure artworks are protected or moved during any refurbishment projects . 

Please note that all moves of artworks must be arranged and authorised by our office. 

Our team is small, even if the remit is very wide. 

Catherine Giltrap heads up the Art Collections as the Curator, and Tor Scott is our Collections Assistant. 

So, in a campus of this size, we need your help to continue to care for our shared visual arts collections. 

How we need you to help us

In order to help us to integrate the needs of several campuses into the schedule of our own projects of exhibition, conservation, research, commissions and acquisitions efficiently, we would ask the following:

Point of contact for all queries 

Emergency situations

01 8961317 

(Security have our Emergency contact details and a 'Disaster Plan')

Situations when we need you to contact us

Personal Office moves / refurbishments / redecoration projects / significant periods of leave

Should you have a picture on hire from the collections or on longer-term display and you are leaving College or moving offices, please email as soon as feasible.

We would like to know about possible moves, even if they haven't yet been confirmed, so that we can be prepared. 

School moves / refurbishments / redecoration projects

We would request that School or Departmental Managers would notify us of any plans to refurbish, redecorate, or move artworks for any purpose. 

All moves of artworks must be arranged and authorised by our office. 

We would like to know about possible moves, even if they haven't yet been confirmed, so that we can be prepared. 

Public / Circulatory area  - Premises Managers

Premises Managers and any other relevant coordinators of projects involving the movement of large-scale furniture or equipment in spaces where art is on display, refurbishments and re-decorations, or wholesale moves of occupants and offices from College-owned buildings should contact our office to double-check if there are any artworks which need to be protected or moved either temporarily or permanently. 

What if you don't know if the artwork in your office is part of the Collections or not?

If you don't know, just please send us an image of the artwork(s) by email and we will confirm it to you. 

Advance notice 

We would ask that all notifications or requests regarding moves of artworks or plans for new displays are sent to us with as much notice as possible, even if the projects are more than 6 to 12 months away.

The ideal minimum notice is 3 months. 

Should the period of notice be less than 3 months, please contact us as soon as feasible to see how we can adapt to your situation. 

In MAJOR EMERGENCY situations:

we will automatically be alerted by Security after the immediate situation is resolved where humans are the first point of concern, and building structures thereafter 


which are not a threat to humans, such as minor leaks or maintenance issues which may cause immediate or longer-term direct damage or create abnormal environments (eg damp or extremely dry, plus extreme light levels), please contact us by email or Security on 01 8961317 as soon as the immediate issue has been resolved so we can advise on the care for the artworks. Remember, for example, mould can grow within hours, so the sooner we are aware the sooner we can prevent damage. 

Last minute requests to move or protect artworks

What we are trying to avoid are last minute requests or a situation where colleagues are unsure where to get help and advice. 

However, what is most important is that we are contacted, even if at the last minute, and that the Art Collections Office arrange the moves or protection of artworks on behalf of the College. 

Thank you for your kind attention and we look forward to continuing to work with you to enhance all our working environments. 


Last updated 18 September 2018 (Email).