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George Dawson: An Unbiased Eye

Royal Hibernian Academy, 19 Nov - 19 Dec 2010

50 Years of Modern and Contemporary Art at Trinity - click here for full details

Patrick Scott 'Kite!' (1974) acrylic on canvas 622 x 622cm (click here for artist's biography, pdf)

Patrick Scott 'Kite!'

Bite-sized info:

Donated by Scott Tallon Walker architects for the Luce Hall, Trinity College Dublin

The following is transcribed from an conversation between the artist and Catherine Giltrap, Curator of the College Art Collections, 1st September 2010

"I had the cartoons – they were just rolled up and I was going to burn them actually.. which I did finally burn them, but I traced it onto this bit of fabric. And the fabric I got from V’Soske – it’s big course cotton weave, it’s what they use for their tufting, they tuft onto it. They just gave it to me and I .. it’s quite big but I traced it through the holes made by the cutting wheel. So it came out like this. Except then I got friends to come up to the mountains to a house I have in Wicklow up in the hills. We had it all spread out there and these friends just crawled all over it painting it with an acrylic. It’s virtually the same as the tapestry [Blaze] except the middle is just blank. There was a kite exhibition in Kilkenny one arts week and we were all invited to make kites, so I thought I’d make that into a kite. Then I had to work out how many people it would take to launch it and I discovered it would take 30 people. I went ahead with it and I put all the fixings on it – all the wires and hooks and things. There were strings coming from it, masses of them. There were all these people running across the castle garden. It was just a joke really because there is no way you could ever fly it! We never tried to fly it but it hung in Kilkenny, in the Castle."





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