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Trinity College Dublin - Academic and Artistic Collections

The spectacular Long Room within The Old Library has, for 300 years, served as the main communicative interface for Trinity’s creative and cultural achievements and events. There exists an additional wealth of material culture in the form of the College’s specialised teaching collections acting as important resources that are also directly in contact with the core business of College - research and teaching. These are mainly cared for in an honorary capacity by dedicated individuals in related disciplines. Together with the Library collections, they embody Trinity’s rich heritage, representing 400 years of its place at the centre of Irish and international intellectual and cultural life. The unique nature of these collections in relation to their public counterparts is that they have emerged from an essentially research-driven quest for knowledge and a desire to disseminate and develop this knowledge primarily for didactic and scholarly purposes.

The Academic and Artistic Collections - a summary (Last updated, March 2016; Download pdf 730kb)

Anatomy Museum, Department of Anatomy, Anatomy Building
Contacts: Philomena McAteer ; Siobhan Ward ; Mary Lynch ; Claire Murphy

Art Collections, Office for the College Secretary, Campus-wide
Contact: Catherine Giltrap

Herbarium, Department of Botany, Botany Building  
Contact: Prof. John Parnell

Civil Engineering Heritage Archive, The Department of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering, Museum Building
Contact: Dr. Ron Cox

Classics Collection, Department of Classics, Arts Building
Contacts: Prof. Brian McGing and Dr. Hazel Dodge ,

Computer Science Collection, School of Computer Science and Statistics, O’Reilly Institute
Contact: Dr. Brian Coghlan

Geological Museum, Department of Geology
Contact: Dr. Patrick WyseJackson

Weingreen Museum, Department of Near and Middle Eastern Studies
Contact: Dr. Zuleika Rodgers

Zoological Museum, Department of Zoology
Contact: Dr. Martyn Linnie

Last updated 9 May 2018 (Email).