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Who Gets Special Consideration in their Application for Residential Accommodation?

The grounds on which you may seek special consideration are individual and must be extenuating. Extenuating circumstances mean that you may have a physical or mental health condition and/or other significant personal circumstances and you can prove a clear rationale for why living on campus, at Trinity Hall or in other accommodation for which Trinity has nomination rights, is necessary and will support your participation in College life.

Who Can Apply?

A registered student may seek to have special consideration for his/her application for rooms on campus, at Trinity Hall or in student accommodation over which Trinity has nomination rights. There is a limited number of rooms available to offer to those who apply for special consideration and it is not possible to respond to all such applications by providing accommodation. Please see Allocation Quotas published on our website for more information on numbers available:

New Entrants for 2022/23

Applicants who require special consideration applying to Trinity for 2022/23 for entry via the CAO should apply for a provisional allocation of accommodation when the CAO applications open the 30th March 2022. Applications to Trinity Hall will run for about 6 weeks, until May 16th  and will then be closed from 17th -29th May. Special Considerations forms will be accepted until Friday, 20th May 2022. Applications received after this date will not be accepted.

Students directly entering Trinity should apply after they have been fully accepted but within the application period specified above. In both cases, students applying for special consideration must complete the special consideration form and provide evidence of disability that meets the criteria specified at

Can I disclose Special Circumstances at a later date?

Special circumstances must be stated at the time of application. The only grounds for considering a special circumstance at a later date is where the special circumstance did not exist at the time the room application was submitted.

What Services are Available in Residences for Those with Special Circumstances?

Trinity has limited accommodation for those with special circumstances and this includes a number of rooms designed for those with a physical disability. Generally, Trinity’s accommodation is designed for independent living although some pastoral care and security and attendant services are on site on a 24-hour basis.

The environment could be described as “lively” and this may not always suit students who need a quiet living space. Campus accommodation is mostly for final years and Trinity Hall is ideal for first year students. Students from all years may be housed in the off-campus accommodation to which Trinity has nomination rights.

An application for rooms under Special Circumstances scheme does not imply guarantee the allocation of a room.

How Do I Apply?

You need to do the following:

  1. Make an online room application through your accommodation portal at
    Please state in the personal statement that you require special consideration.
  2. Complete the Special Consideration application form: Form A if you are applying on grounds of disability or illness, or Form B if you are applying on grounds of extenuating circumstances.
  3. Depending on what form you are applying with, collate any relevant supporting documentation which should clearly explain how residential accommodation will facilitate your participation in Trinity.
    • If applying with Form B – supporting documentation is required and applications without supporting documents will be considered incomplete and won’t be reviewed.
    • If applying with Form A
      • and registered with Trinity Disability Service or attending College Health Service – supporting documents are not required, as consent to share private information between offices is given on the application form.
      • and not registered with Trinity Disability Service and not attending College Health but having support of a GP/Specialist/an appropriate external professional who is familiar with your circumstances – supporting documentation is required and applications without supporting documents will be considered incomplete and won’t be reviewed.
  4. Submit both the application form and supporting documents, if required, by e-mail to Please note that you should submit one form only and all documents must be in English.
  5. Deadline for the applications for Campus residences is 5pm on Friday 4th March 2022 and for Trinity Hall residences is Friday 20th May 2022. Late applications will not be accepted.
  6. If you have applied for accommodation on these grounds previously, you must complete the above process for 2022/23.


Application Form A

Application Form B

Old forms will not be accepted.

Trinity College Security takes fire safety and general security very seriously. Residents must cooperate by also taking personal responsibility for fire safety and general security. Residents should not do anything to compromise fire safety or security. Find more information on Security by clicking here.

Trinity Hall RSA staff (Security) are currently located at the main reception area. They may be contacted 24 hours a day by dropping in or simply calling 01 896 8024.

All residents are required to view the compulsory online induction before check-in or attend in person a Fire Safety and Orientation Talk after they move in to rooms, if in place. It is a legal requirement, under the Fire Services Act 1981, that such a fire safety lecture is in place and attendance/viewing online is therefore compulsory for all residents each year. Failure to attend/view will result in the imposition of an automatic €250 fine.

Please note this academic year 2021/22, due to the Covid-19, fire and safety training is included in the compulsory online induction which must be completed prior to check-in. Failure to complete the induction will result in the imposition of an automatic €50 fine.

It is recommended that all residents download the SafeZone app after checking in. This app increases the security and safety of students and staff­ while in a Trinity location. It provides immediate access to Trinity resources to provide assistance in cases of emergencies or when an alert is raised. More information can be found here and in the FAQ section under SafeZone.