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Discipline in Hall

The Warden and Deputy Warden are responsible for imposing fines for transgressions, bad behavior and other activities that violate existing laws and rules, as well as for activity and actions that constitute unreasonable behavior. These fines start at 20Euro and can go as high as 500Euro. Any damages that result on top of such fines must also be addressed financially.

Both the RSAs and the Assistant Wardens report such behavior to the Warden and Deputy Warden so that they can determine appropriate action.

These fines cannot be appealed and all collected monies go to the Senior Tutor’s fund for students in need.

If students are caught behaving unreasonably or against university regulations and deny such behavior, their fines will be increased if they are found to be misrepresenting the facts.

Honesty and admission of responsibility will always lead to a reduced fine.

Alcohol & Overnight Guests in Twin Rooms

  • Residents in twin rooms may only have overnight guests if they obtain prior permission from their roommate.
  • It is not permitted to consume alcohol on the grounds of Hall or to carry open bottles or cans. Such items will be confiscated.

Other Important Information: