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Registrar of Chambers

The Registrar of Chambers is an annual officer appointed by the Provost to allocate rooms on his behalf.

Room allocations take place in the period after applications are closed. The Registrar of Chambers, along with the Warden of Trinity Hall, lead the process for the review of applications made by students seeking special consideration for their request for rooms.

Thereafter, rooms on campus and at other locations, except Trinity Hall are viewed by the Register of Chambers. Normally, such rooms are only allocated to rising final year students, with a limited allocation for graduate students. 

There are quotas of rooms set aside for scholars, international students, schemes in support of the Irish Language, DUCAC and the CSC. 

Thereafter priority is normally given to international students, those who have not lived on campus previously and those who make a significant contribution to College and/or the wider community.

After the first round of offers, allocations are made on the basis of random selection to rising final year students.