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Moving Out

Your occupancy of rooms normally ends in May. On campus it ends after the second week of annual exams and at Trinity Hall it ends after the fourth week of exams.

If you wish to stay beyond the normal period of occupancy you must make a request to the Accommodation Office on campus or at Trinity Hall. Extensions of occupancy will be facilitated where there are academic reasons for your continued participation in College. For extended occupancy particularly for postgraduates it may be necessary for you to move rooms. In some cases for postgraduates in particular, it may be possible to have accommodation for the full summer.

Prior to the end of the normal period of occupancy, you will receive an email inviting you to confirm your departure or to apply for an extension of occupancy. This email will include instructions on how to apply. Extensions of occupancy are normally granted automatically and you will only hear from the Accommodation Office if we need to question the reason for the extension or arrange for you to move rooms.

Extensions are charged at the normal residential rates and charges are payable through after they are posted to the portal.

You must leave your rooms in a clean and tidy condition with all rubbish and personal belongings removed. Kitchens within apartments must also be clean with the fridge and freezer defrosted and the hob and oven clean.

Where rooms are left in an unsatisfactory state, and as a result require additional cleaning by housekeeping staff, the charge for such cleaning will be charged to the resident’s account or where space is shared such as kitchen/living rooms, the charge will be divided over the residents who share the space.

In addition, where rooms are dilapidated beyond normal wear and tear, the cost of such dilapidations will be charged against the resident or residents.