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Moving In

Early Arrival

For students who must complete 2 week quarantine or for those whose lecture term starts earlier than 21st September 2020 and who wish to take up residence before that date, please print off and complete this early arrival form:

Bedroom and Kitchen Package

For students coming from overseas to take up rooms in residence, a ‘starter pack’ may be purchased by early September. These packs are designed to equip a student from overseas with the basic items to set up ‘home’. There are two packs available, one consisting of bedroom linen, quilt, pillow, hand towel, bath towel and 10 hangers and the other pack consists of cooking utensils that include a frying pan, saucepans, cutlery and crockery. They are sold at cost price, and so are good value. You need to let the Accommodation Office know well in advance if you require a pack so that they can arrange to have one placed in your room on the day of your arrival. For details on what is included in the ‘starter pack’ please see the following form: Download Bed and Kitchen Package (PDF)

2020/21 prices are as below:

Bedroom package – €50

Kitchen package – €85

Inventory and Condition

When you take up occupancy of rooms you will be invited to confirm that the inventory of furnishings is in order and you will be asked to report any defects in fittings, décor etc. The inventory sheet will be included in your arrival pack given to you at check-in. Please fill it out and return it back to the reception within couple of days of arrival.

It is important that you do this because you may after your departure be charged for any items that are missing or any dilapidation that is deemed to be beyond normal wear and tear. Please note the updated dilapidation charges for 2020/21 will be posted in due course. 

Residential Licence

When students accept the offer of a room online, they are also required to accept online the residential licence. This Licence is the agreement between you as the occupant of the room and Trinity. It is important that you read and understand the licence because it states your responsibilities. Among other matters, the licence states the terms under which you may leave your accommodation early and it details what is permitted and what is prohibited.

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Fire Safety & Security

Trinity takes fire safety and general security very seriously. Residents must cooperate by also taking personal responsibility for fire safety and general security. Residents should not do anything to compromise fire safety or security.

All residents are required to attend a compulsory fire safety and security lecture after they move in to rooms.

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Trinity has a wide range of policies and services available to support student and staff welfare. Trinity has a formal Dignity and Respect policy and has under this policy nominated contact persons. In addition for staff, it has an externally delivered employee assistance programme.

Perhaps the most difficult situations are where welfare issues arise outside the normal working hours of most of the formal services. In such instances, residents should through the security or attendant staff on duty, seek to contact an Assistant Junior Dean on campus or an Assistant Warden at Trinity Hall. Such officers are normally on-call outside hours and have some experience of providing first line response to students with distress, difficulties or problems. Outside normal hours it may also be possible to contact the Welfare Officer of the Students’ Union or at Trinity Hall, the Welfare Officer of the Junior Common Room. In addition telephone services such as Nightline are also available.

Details of the support services that are available are detailed on the following page.

Moving Out

Your occupancy of rooms normally ends in May. On campus it ends after the second week of annual exams and at Trinity Hall it ends after the fourth week of exams.

If you wish to stay beyond the normal period of occupancy you must make a request to the Accommodation Office on campus or at Trinity Hall. Extensions of occupancy will be facilitated where there are academic reasons for your continued participation in College. For extended occupancy particularly for postgraduates it may be necessary for you to move rooms.

When you leave rooms you must leave rooms in a clean and tidy condition with all rubbish and personal belongings removed.

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