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Special Consideration Applications

Who gets special consideration of their applications for rooms?

The grounds on which you may seek special consideration are individual and must be extenuating. Extenuating circumstances mean that you may have a physical or mental health condition and/or other significant personal circumstances and you can provide a clear rationale for why living on campus or at Trinity Hall is necessary and will support your participation in College life.

Who can apply?

A registered student may seek to have special consideration for his or her application for rooms on campus or at Trinity Hall. There are a limited number of rooms available to offer in those circumstances and it is not possible to respond to all such applications by providing College accommodation.

New Entrants for 2018/19 : applicants with a disability who will apply to Trinity College Dublin for entry to an undergraduate or postgraduate course in 2018/19 can also indicate their intention to apply for a room in Trinity Hall or on Campus through the Special Consideration form.

How do I apply?

  1. You must complete the online application form.
  2. In addition, you must complete a Special Consideration Application Form (PDF) outlining the reason for the application, details of next of kin, willingness to accept a room in either Hall and/or campus and a check list of supporting documentation and send it to Please note that even if you received rooms last year, you must apply again for 2018-19 with the relevant supporting documentation.
  3. For students who are registered with the Disability Service, you can request to have your application supported by the Service on grounds of the impact of your disability via section A of the Special Consideration form. The Disability Service will follow up with the Accommodation Office after the application deadline to verify your registration and support your application. For further details, please see:
  4. For all other applicants seeking special consideration, you must ensure that the Accommodation Office is provided with supporting documentation from the College Health Service, external health/social care provider, Student Counselling Service, your tutor or Senior Tutor. The documentation may be posted to the Registrar of Chambers, Accommodation Office, West Chapel, Trinity College, Dublin 2 or sent to

What is 'supporting documentation' and who do I go to to get it?

If you are seeking special consideration from the College Health Service and/or the Student Counselling Service, contact your doctor or counsellor and request that he or she provide the Accommodation Office with a letter clearly outlining the reasons why your application should receive special consideration. This must indicate clearly the reason why a room on campus would be crucial for your participation in the following academic year. If you are seeking support from your College tutor or the Senior Tutor, please take the time to make an appointment to discuss your reasons for seeking special consideration. Your tutor will be familiar with the appropriate reasons for such applications and will then decide whether he or she should support your request. This must indicate clearly the reason why a room on campus would be crucial for your participation in the following academic year.

Where should the documentation be sent?

Ask that any supporting documentation be sent to the Registrar of Chambers, Accommodation Office, West Chapel, Trinity College, Dublin 2 by post or e-mail All such correspondence is treated in the strictest confidence. It is your responsibility to contact the relevant staff member in the service and seek their written support and ensure that the letter is provided to the Accommodation Office by the close of applications.

Accommodation process for allocation of rooms for students with disabilities

College has limited accommodation on two main sites (the College main campus and Trinity Hall). A number of rooms on campus and Trinity Hall are accessible. Rooms are not fully supervised but they do have 24 hour security staff and residential wardens on site. The accommodation offered encourages independent living and this can create a lively environment which may not always suit students who need a very quiet living space. Campus accommodation is mostly final year students or graduate students. Trinity Hall is ideal for first year and continuing students but spaces are limited.